Super Mario Maker Out Tomorrow, Along With Two Special 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo Figures

Super Mario Maker game, launching exclusively for the Wii U console on the 11th of September.

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JohnnyXeo1138d ago

Will try to snag tomorrow for sure.

Paulhammer1138d ago

Give me that huge yarn Yoshi or give me death

GrapesOfRaf1138d ago

That would be pretty fantastic. I hate that amiibos are so damn expensive or I'd own them all and I don't even have a wii-u.

jholden32491138d ago

Got 2 copies in the mail and on the way!

Scheduled vacation for tomorrow as well. It's gonna be a Mario Maker weekend!

Takwin1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

My daughter is super pumped for this and I also think it is going to be fabulous. I've had like 8 absolutely amazing games on the Wii U and a few other very enjoyable ones. Add backwards compatability for all the great Wii games and all the awesomeness on the Virtual Console, and it was a great purchase and console. Sure, it could have actually "won" the gen with XBox One specs, but it was still great. (Imagine all the Nintendo exclusives PLUS Wii games PLUS Virtual Console PLUS all the AAA multiplats and indies.)

FunkyGoron1138d ago

Best Buy Gamer's Club has ruined me... can't make any AAA purchases digitally… it’s not worth it. I get games for $48 US there. None of the Best Buy’s near me are opening at midnight.

Jag-T10001138d ago

Got Mario maker for $48 and smash Bros for $32. Stop crying.

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