Until Dawn: When female video game characters turn into horror movie tropes

Daily Life: "The act of paying homage can be a truly great form of artistic expression. It can also be used to excuse a whole manner of misbehaviour, particularly when it comes to the horror genre."

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wheresmymonkey1137d ago

When horror movie tropes are used to make a horror game, based on the films that mulvey critiqued in the first place OMG!

But untill Dawn has fun with those tropes, because you can completely upend them if you make the right choices. funny that!

bjmartynhak1137d ago


yeah, pretty much it.

PeaSFor1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

websites with garbage articles full of straw grabbing should be blacklisted on the spot on N4g.

miyamoto1137d ago

You might find this strange but Until Dawn taught me a valuable moral lesson and made me assess my self moral standards as a human being. It taught me that no matter how bad some people may be their lives are still very important.

Cy1137d ago

How dare every female character not be a shining paragon of perfection! Why, that's just downright misogyny there.

Ravenor1137d ago

It's a clear indicator of our patriarchal society and...rape culture?

ShaunCameron1137d ago

Too bad if it wasn't for the patriarchy, you wouldn't have much of a society.

moomoo3191137d ago

You only need the title to know this is nonsense

Repjaws1137d ago

Oh god,not this again.

italiangamer1137d ago

Feminazis strikes again! Hold on to your seat gentlemen!!!

Allsystemgamer1137d ago

You forgot to say "ladies and" cuz they always HAVE to come first

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The story is too old to be commented.