How Destiny fixed the one thing that was keeping me away

Destiny players have a love-hate relationship with the game, and the community tends to be both extremely vocal and extremely loyal. I've been following the game since it was released, but I quit playing the original version of Destiny once I hit level 20 or so. I wasn't alone in this behavior.

I'm like many of you in that I only have an hour, maybe two, of non-working game time every night. So I tend to play games that allow me to make some forward progress in that time. Diablo 3 was a perfect game for that rhythm, as you could play a little here and there and always gain a bit of level or some loot.

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pompombrum1138d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but light is still dependent on gear and will make a huge difference to your stats. It hasn't really fixed much because you'll still need that high light level to be able to realistically do the end game activities.

LeoDDestroyer1138d ago

I think the different is how that light level can be increased. It is still tie to armour and now even weapons but now it more how rpgs and mmo are where you can be max level even without the highest gear that you can attain.

Another to look at it was in the past the way to get max level was the raid gear. Now There will be more gear to choose from and you can increase that gear by using another.

DarthZoolu1138d ago

So what's different again?


This whole "destiny fixed the one thing keeping me away" is a facade... In actuality level now essentially means nothing with end game content now requiring minimum light levels to participate and be effective. If anything the game is now MORE restrictive with class items and your entire weapon loadout contributing to your over light level.

CrowbaitBob1138d ago

Light level is now an average of your equipped weapons and armor. It's not tied in any way to the character leveling system. Since there isn't a specific light stat attached to any piece of gear you aren't going to see a drastic drop/spike in character level, or light level, by switching out gear.

With the previous system you basically had to stick with the armor with the highest light level regardless of the other stats, otherwise you'd drop character level and be at a severe disadvantage.

The new system reflects the overall loadout, rather than drastically impacting effectiveness. With the old system the difference between competitive and underpowered could be a single piece of armor.


Look beyond 2.0 into whats coming... Max light level is going to be around 280 light, and there will be a significant jump in power level from the now 170ish max to 280ish light.

A quick look at mission modifiers in 2.0 shows a recommended minimum of 240 light, with the modifier currently unable to be selected due to lack of light level in the current game.

Droidbro1138d ago

Why wouldn't better armor and weapons not make a difference? Why shouldn't an end game hand cannon be better than blue engram hand cannon?

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Godz Kastro1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

It does but not as much as before. The good thing is you an level up without the need for special gear. That alone was enough to get me back to destinydestiny.

donthate1138d ago

The problem with the game isn't any what the article talks about, but the complete lack of a deep story, interesting enemies and goals.

Destiny is a soulless game!

pompombrum1138d ago

Yup that's the problem and I just don't think TTK is going to fix that. They have done a good job improving the overall presentation in 2.0 but ultimately I don't think it's enough to inject a much needed soul into the experience.


TTK will have a fair amount of cinematics associated with moving the story forward, and using the questline system to further explain what your currently doing, as well explaining year one content a bit more.

If they would only incorporate the grimoire INTO the game it would be awesome.

Taero1137d ago

@3.1.1 having cinematics isn't enough to move the story forward, the problem with Destiny for me has always been that the story is basically what one zone would be on any other story based game. Destony is more like Warframe, there's a basic concept and rough storylines in the game (Go here, get this, kill this because evil people) but that doesn't make it a STORY.

Compare that to any other 'story' driven game that's online, heck I'd say even LoL does story better than Destiny and that's repeating the same map over and over (but there's a lot of background like a grimoire).

I think what people have an issue with is that it seems to scream that it wants to have questlines, story that changes, where you discover motivations, new locations, collect items and use them to complete quests, get to minibosses, then actual bosses, then raid bosses.

The Eris quests where you have to go to different zones to get the items, collect different amounts, bring them back, get story, go to next place. That's ONE quest line. We need a hundred more like them, spanning levels 1-max and unlocking all that lore that's in the grimoire. Not a 2 paragraph voice over as you load.

Example: Find an item in the world, quest unlocks, take it to npc, story, objective (go to archives), fight your way through, research, defend computer as it decodes, find out that you need to travel in to an instance to find an npc who might know more, find npc, they're under fire, protect them, they come with you as a party member, the story advances through the instance, next part of quest etc. It could have light/level requirements.

Tldr; Destiny doesn't have a 'story' it has a summary.

Gamble201138d ago

The game has been out for over a year. At this point the only people who care are the ones who do in fact think that the game is enjoyable. I don't understand why you feel the need to continue trashing it.

gamer91138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I’ll be getting the game and playing with friends. And I have no problem if someone trashes the game for removing the story, putting the lore on a website, and making us party-up through a 3rd party website – because those are terrible decisions and they are still not fixed.

donthate1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )


That is not true at all. Plenty of new gamers are still buying this game.

Besides, if you already enjoy the game you can either tell me your opinion, or ignore mine instead of sharing just about nothing.

I gave you specific reasons to why I think the game is not good and it isn't because of the voice acting or stupid light that articles like this discuss.

GrimDragon1138d ago

Yes light remains a huge and important factor in the the game. Your actual level is more like the key that lets you obtain higher light levels. Right now you should be at 170 light and all weapons and armor maxed at 170 to 180 until ttk comes out. Definitely want to farm Poe for keys until the bounties from the queen return. As far as I can tell it still going to take lots of grind to get anything good unless your that lucky bastard that gets exotics on his first try. Destiny has never been that good to me a yr later I've yet to find even one exotic primary weapon.

Tex1171138d ago

I mean, it doesn't REALLY fix the light level thing.

Sure, it will feel better to hit the level cap, but without a high light level, you will still be locked out of the end-game content.

Im sure that the LFG sites will quickly have "light level" requirments instead of "level 40" or whatever.

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