Three Secrets in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain You May Have Missed

The fifth, and potentially final, installment into the Metal Gear Solid franchise has been out less than a week and yet somehow we have already managed to track down some interesting secrets; so here are three of my favourites that you may have missed.

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Timesplitter141161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Playing as a female character "could be a bug, but its more like an unlockable easter egg"?

Did that person even play the game? It clearly is a feature, not even a hidden one. And there are many different available female characters too, not just one. You even get female staff members automatically while playing the game.

And no, a "bug" wouldn't accidentally cause a playable, fully-animated and fully-voiced female character

DoomeDx1160d ago

I thought the exact same thing. If female characters are bugged, how come they are fully voiced for player-only dialog

Lord_Sloth1160d ago

The female I end up running through missions looks like Deunan Newt and I've noticed no bugs when playing as her.

nosferatuzodd1160d ago

These so called journalist are so stupid some times