Fallout 4 Will Not Have the Voice of Three Dog

"Three Dog will not be returning to the wasteland this time around."

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eyeDEVOUR1160d ago

I didnt listen to him anyways... I was more fond of all the old music, especially the music in New Vegas!!!

DarkOcelet1159d ago

Why? He was awesome.

"This is three dog awwww"

God, i want to play Fallout 3.

uptownsoul1159d ago

This makes no sense...Wasn't it the Three Dog voice actor who leaked the existence of Fallout 4 for E3 back in March?


eyeDEVOUR1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Because i cant stand anything remotely

Im sure ill get blasted for that but i just have other taste so...

Probably because they got Liam jk

gangsta_red1159d ago

Pre-order canceled!

Just kidding...I never had this game pre-ordered. First day pick up though....along with TR because that's how I roll ;)

Avernus1159d ago

Nooo :( ... it would have been good nostalgia.

guyman1159d ago

That really makes no difference to me...

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The story is too old to be commented.