Car combat game Hardware: Rivals announced exclusively for PS4

Posted by Daniel Durnin on Sep 10, 2015 // Producer, PlayStation Home Platform Group:

Hi everyone! My name’s Dan, and I’m here today to tell you about a new upcoming game — Hardware: Rivals, coming exclusively to PS4 via PlayStation Store!

As some of our veteran readers may recognize, this new game builds upon the legacy of a PS2 title, “Hardware: Online Arena”, a vehicle-based combat game that was one of the very first online gaming experiences for PlayStation back in 2002.

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Geobros1135d ago

I didnt wait so fast announcement when I saw the game trademark 2 weeks before. This was quick....

Abash1135d ago

Im all for a new car combat games, I hope this leads to Sony announcing a new Twisted Metal after this game releases

user99502791135d ago

Now THIS is right up my ally. I dont know why Sony insists on ignoring the online multiplayer/shooting/racing communities so absolutely. This is the sort of game that will prompt me to give my PS4 some much needed attention.

I think Rocketleague may have been a rude awakening for Sony. The thirst for competitive PVP multiplayer exclusives is REAL. I am often reminded by diehard playstation gamers that people who own Sony consoles are unanimous in their lack of desire for shooting and online games.... not buying it. If as many X360 gamers moved to PS4 as I'm lead to believe, then there is a massive untapped market for this kind of game.

MrSec841135d ago

They're not ignoring a thing, I mean Driveclub is all about online racing (while still having an awesome single player experience), Sony San Diego are making Kill Strain, which is a completely new IP centered around 5v2v5 free 2 play online multiplayer, David Jaffe is making Drawn to Death, which is yet another new online multiplayer IP, centered around 3rd person shooter, frantic gameplay.

I'm pretty sure Deep Down will be focused on online gameplay, with generated dungeons that online players can travel through together.
Bloodborne has it's share of online play too.

If anything PS4 has had more online games than any of the other consoles this generation.
Sony definitely aren't ignoring online games, they're leading the charge this generation, while also providing excellent single player experience.

user99502791135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

lol. Ok, so.... Driveclub? That's the big example of catering to the online multiplayer crowd? Because none of the other games you listed are even out yet. I'd be hard pressed to play Driveclub when I can play Forza 5 (or even Horizons 2), two competative racing games that make Driveclub look like a simple toy.

"If anything PS4 has had more online games than any of the other consoles this generation. "

You sound like you are deeply deluded. As far as exclusive games with an online multiplayer experience on PS4, the word "sparse" seems to fit quite nicely.

I expect nothing but disagreement from you all, but that's OK. It is plain to see you are happy living in the false reality you have constructed for yourselves. Let me know when Sony cranks out some exclusive online multiplayer games that are worth playing. Listing unreleased games is not entertaining to me.

MrSec841135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

@Martinstrings: Did I say I was listing everything? No, Killzone Shadow Fall was the 1st FPS exclusive, the multiplayer in that is awesome.
Forza Horizon 2 isn't an exclusive, Forza 5 doesn't touch Driveclub when the selection of tracks is so limiting, the online functionality destroys Forza's.

Microsoft didn't release any other exclusives last year or this year that have multiplayer, all they did was remaster older games.

As I said Bloodborne has a solid multiplayer.
Sony has more exclusives with online multiplayer.

You're the one that sounds deeply deluded, since you provide no examples of anything, yet I did.
Kill Strain is due this year, same goes for Drawn to Death, Bloodborne's already here, same goes for Killzone.
I also forgot Fat Princess Adventures and The Tomorrow Children are meant to be 2015 releases, both of which are co-op focused.

Funny how Sony has tonnes of fresh new games, with many new IPs and Microsoft does nothing but rely on Halo and rehash old games they have to remaster. Yet people like you lap up the same old stuff.
Sony has more out already and way more on the way.

Microsoft went a full 10 months without even releasing a single exclusive for XBox One, there's nothing to be deluded about here, you on the other hand show yourself to be the only one who's deluded here.

Kratos0Ultra1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

@ martinstrings:

right now, for online you have:

1.The Last of Us multiplayer
2.Little Big Planet 3
6.Killzone Shadowfall

That's 6 games that are very different but have PVP multiplayer or coop, or both. Yes many more are to come:

1.Let It Die
2.Drawn to death
4.Hardware Rivals

Xbox might have more multiplayer focused games perhaps at this point. Their quality is arguable and what the PS4 has so far is solid.

OB1Biker1135d ago (Edited 1135d ago )

'Rocketleague may have been a rude awakening for Sony.'
Way to spin some negative from an overwhelmingly popular PS+ game.
I dont get it.
Really unfounded cliche from fanboys claiming Playstation is not into MP . It goes with the PS4 has no game propaganda thing while ignoring Helldivers but glorifying Ori and completely dismissing all the F2P games on PS4

BlackTar1871135d ago

it's the same ole song and dance.

DigitalRaptor1135d ago

Oh give it a rest Xdude. Last gen, Sony had more exclusive shooter franchises than Microsoft. Just out of curiosity, why do great games have to be exclusive to make players want to play them? And why do you consider there is a thirst when PS4 has more online multiplayer games than Xbox One so far and going forward? The popular multiplatform shooters have also been selling millions more copies on PS4.

Where is this "rude awakening"? Was it when Sony struck a deal with Activision for Destiny? Or when they struck another deal with EA for Star Wars Battlefront? Or when they struck another deal with Activision for Call of Duty?

"As far as exclusive games with an online multiplayer experience on PS4, the word "sparse" seems to fit quite nicely."

Nice try trolling there Martin, but go and look it up. PS4 has more online multiplayer GAMES that aren't on Xbox One. It's unanimously documented and unanimously agreed by those who bother doing the fact-finding. Ultimately you are the one looking foolish like so many of your friends do when you try and fail to successfully downplay. And games "worth playing" is only your fanboy-driven opinion. After all, that is the reason you are here in the first place. Because you don't know any better, and want to purport your false beliefs on others.

Spotie1135d ago

You just made a bunch of shit up and called it your opinion.

How are they neglecting multiplayer? By not making such franchises yearly installments? Where is this thirst, and how does the popularity of a damn good game that's successful elsewhere- most notably PC, where there's no shortage of multiplayer games to play- prove such a thirst?

And when are you "reminded" by anybody that PS owners don't like shooters or online games? Are you ignoring the popularity of all the multiplayer games already on the console? Even in the US and UK where the numbers are pretty close, there's a big disparity in the sales of online games on PS4 as opposed to the XB1.

This is just one more game in a long line of variety on Playstation consoles.

And one more sad attempt by an Xbox fan to downplay something Sony is doing.

X-231134d ago

Why are you so infatuated with trying to announce Sony seems to be "lacking" in a department that; allegedly, it's competitor seems to be so ahead in the game in?

Honestly, you make it seem like someone stating obvious facts of the matter to you make them in some way delusional?

I'm sorry, but you're the delusional one here. You can't even form your own opinion up about "Competitive Gaming" (apparently) without making it sound like some kind of sales pitch for people to go out and buy an Xbox or something.

Get over it...and please don't act like you own both systems, because you don't. There's no way you do, but proceed to carry on like the console is collecting dust in the background or something, especially since it's the preferred video game console to run multiplats on.

MysticStrummer1134d ago

"I am often reminded by diehard playstation gamers that people who own Sony consoles are unanimous in their lack of desire for shooting and online games"

No you're not.

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italiangamer1135d ago

Another already know what comes after lol
Sony wasnt joking when some time ago said they wanted to bring back old PlayStation IP! Im still waiting for the comeback of Crash, that sign in the 2013 PS4 commercial was TOO suspicious!

brianunfried1135d ago

Vehicular Combat needs to make a comeback this generation.

Nekroo911135d ago

I agree with you but not like this. They need to take a look at Twisted Metal and Cell Damage because characters with personality add a new dimension to game.

Immorals1135d ago

Mad max has really wet my appetite

brianunfried1135d ago

I'm playing it right now, can't get enough of it.

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