How Skylanders wants to be different than other online racers like Mario Kart

"Skylanders has never been a series about being behind the curve, and with Skylanders Superchargers, Vicarious Visions is aiming to mix it up even more. President of Vicarious Visions Guha Bala chatted exclusively with Examiner about how this racer aims to set itself apart from the pack, and take the coveted pole position."

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GoPanthers9991134d ago

Glad they made this a racing game, because my kids could care less about it this year. We already have Mario Kart and will get the Toy Box Speedway for DI. Saving me $200!

ChronoJoe1134d ago

It's not a racing game though. Unless you'd be getting the Wii version, which is a racing game.

The core game plays very similarly to the previous iterations, with isometric action based gameplay fueling most of the experience and vehicles used for additional linear segments.

Racing itself, is a sort of bonus content.

Sort of a shame that your kids will miss out, as if they enjoyed Trap Team / Swap Force, I imagine they'd enjoy the gameplay here too, as its much the same.

GoPanthers9991134d ago

Thanks for the concern. With 2 Xbox Ones, a Wii U, 360, etc. we're not missing out on much. Just saying, we already have 4 Skylanders Games, Sonic Racing, Mario Kart, etc. This game adds nothing we don't already have.

ChronoJoe1133d ago

I guess so. I mean it's your decision, I just don't think it makes sense to dismiss it because it's a racing game. If you don't want more of the same then that makes sense.

I don't have kids, but I have a fiance that loves this stuff, and I review games as a hobby (vgfirst) so I always end up looking at these games with a pretty critical eye. While I enjoyed Disney Infinity this year (for the first time) I was awfully disappointed that the core story is only 2-3hours long and I like that Skylanders offers much more than that.

Either way, if the issue is that you don't want 'more of the same' then yes, it may be worthwhile avoiding Skylanders if you don't like the vehicular aspect, though that much wasn't clear from your first comment.

FallenAngel19841134d ago

Of course its different. You need to buy so many different toys just to get the full experience out of the title.