Are Fallout 4 and Witcher III a turning point for Season Passes?

DS: Season Passes have become the scourge of games in recent years. We're not opposed to additional content for games, far from it. But when the cost of a Season Pass matches that of a full game, our alarm bells start to ring. What's worse, so many of these passes offer a paltry amount of content that simply doesn't justify the price. Consider that Season Passes often stick to their high price long after the main game can be bought for fraction of the original cost a few months after release and the farce becomes even more laughable.

There are signs of encouragement though. Signs that a balance can be struck for developers and publishers making extra dough and so gamers can come away with good value for money. Right now, we're looking at CD Projekt Red (The Witcher III: Wild Hunt) and Bethesda (Fallout 4) as high-profile candidates to show the rest how it's done.

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TheImprobableMulk1227d ago

They're definitely going in the right direction. When big expansions are presented at good price points (and are filled with enjoyable content) it makes it more likely that gamers will hand over cash for them. That said, at this point CD Projekt have only delivered free DLC - we have no idea if the expansions are up to the same quality as the main game. However, past experience tells me it will be worth the price.

bggriffiths1227d ago

All the free Witcher DLC has been a good way to butter us up for paying for some more. Although, I downloaded them all at once and the extra missions got lost in the swarm of existing ones, so I've no idea if I've already done them or not, same goes for the gear.

Dogmeat better have some gold Horse Armor in Fallout 4 though, just saying.

Timesplitter141227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I've always hated the term "Season Pass". It sounds like it's something that allows you to play the full game for 3 months or something. Terrible name choice. Just call it a DLC pack

I literally want to build the world's greatest AAA games company just so I can one day amass so much power and influence that I will be able to give DLC packs a more fitting name and erase the term "Season Pass" out of people's minds forever. If I don't succeed I will build an AI to carry on my legacy

Simco8761227d ago

Funny thing is, it's not like there will be a Fallout 5 next year. So the "Season" goes for about what? 4-5 years? lol

Paytaa1227d ago

If I was the head of a AAA studio I would resort back to the days of in-game unlockables. The only paid DLC would be an actual full fledged expansion that is a totally new experience.

wheresmymonkey1227d ago

Its not really a turning point. Bethesda have always been good at season passes and DLC (Horse armour aside) Likewise CD PRojeckt RED have always been great for free DLC, updates and expansions.

bggriffiths1227d ago

But both companies have never been more prominent than they are now. Witcher is on three formats for a change, had great reviews. Fallout has so much buzz about it.

Sure, they've been good for ages, but more and more people are going to see that now and realise that other Season Pass deals offer really poor value. So the hope is that CDPR/Bethesda are going to shame them into getting their act together (or at least charge less).

MilkMan1227d ago

Season passes the way it was always meant to be.

Timesplitter141227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Can you elaborate on that

Simco8761227d ago

Only real DLC I've ever bought has been for Fallout and maybe some early CoD DLC (MW2, BLOPS). They actually have worthy DLC for Fallout so I won't mind chalking it up to expand my Fallout experience.

Also want gold Horse Armor for Dogmeat, but throw in some Legion Armor too. DogCaesar

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