Complete List of PS4 Game Install Sizes - Over 460 Titles

Finder has collated the install sizes for every single game on PS4. It can be ordered, or searched for ease of use.

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SlappingOysters1137d ago

I wish I could say Xbox is better than PS4 here, but they are both shite with hard drive sizes.

SniperControl1137d ago

They are, but both are very easy to upgrade the HDD. The X1 is just plug in an external, in the PS4's case it takes less than 30 mins.

SlappingOysters1136d ago

Agreed, but that is more money and more space.

dantesparda1135d ago

What I wanna know is how these HDDs defrag themselves, especially with all the deleting and redownloading things.

SniperControl1137d ago

And some people say the PS4 has no games..............

Spotie1135d ago Show
Relientk771137d ago

Ain't nobody got time for that

Agent_00_Revan1136d ago

Congrats to the Battlefield Bundle for the biggest Hard Drive hog at 74GB!!

SolidGear31136d ago

Sizes are friggin ridiculous. Got my PS4 in July and had 2 digital titles and data installed from 9 physical titles and had to start deleting data after a month :{

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