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Neil writes "You can always tell when something is going to be a little special just by the way it is slowly introduced. Forza has that in bucketloads and from the very first foray down the streets of Rio De Janerio in the cover star – the 2017 Ford GT, you’ll be wowed by sights and sounds like very little else currently available on any console. "

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oKidUKo1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I've made a complete U-turn in the last few days from wondering if I 'need' Forza 6 anytime soon to wanting it so bad. Who knew weather would be such an improvement.

darren_poolies1229d ago

From what I've read, it's really not. I think they need to stop with the yearly Forza games, it's ruining the franchise for me.

oKidUKo1229d ago

At least they alternate between Horizon and this but maybe it is too often.

neil3631229d ago

I had that exact same thought...until I played it.

darren_poolies1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

It's still two much, I'd much rather we got one every 3/4 years. At least then we'd have meaningful improvements other than "3D puddles". The weather isn't even impressive I don't think, it's not even dynamic.

user99502791229d ago

then skip it? Forza 7 will be out in 2 more years, and at that point the differences between 5 and 7 should be remarkable.

For me, however, Forza 6 is coming at a perfect time and looks/plays outstandingly.

If amazing racing games is "ruining the franchise", then I hope Turn 10 continues to butcher my beloved franchise.

FlexLuger1229d ago


Going by your comment history you dont even own an xbox, so why does this bother you, again?

KionicWarlord2221229d ago

" At least then we'd have meaningful improvements other than "3D puddles". The weather isn't even impressive I don't think, it's not even dynamic." is very impressive. the most realistic weather yet.

You got a racer ruining 1080p 60 fps locked in the rain which looks real good. Those 3d puddles really push you to the edge racing.

24 players in the rain is no joke.

I guess being the king has its stragglers.

christocolus1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


How can it be ruining the franchise for you when you don't even own the console? Flex is right. Your comment history shows your disdain towards anything xbox and just 34 days ago you posted the comment below where you said you had just tried out your friends xbox one a couple months ago and the UI was a mess and today you talking about Forza like you own the console and are such a huge fan of the series?

“darren_poolies + 34d ago
I remember playing on my flatmates X1 a couple months ago and I honestly thought it was a bit of a clusterf*ck,
it was hard to find anything.”

Flex is right and looking at some replies to your comment above. Okiduko and Martinstrings even tried to explain stuff to you but you just went ahead bashing FM6 even calling the 3d puddles and weather unimpressive.

Dude,I don't know but it seems you don't even own an xbox one and your history shows this clearly.

spicelicka1229d ago

Well it's not really yearly, it's every 2 years.

Forza Horizon is a completely different arcade/open world series, by a different studio. It just uses the franchise banner.

And as far as we know, there's no forza game coming out next year.

u4one1229d ago

The weather and puddles are actually simulated, not just made to look cool and make things arbitrarily harder like a certain ps4 racer. That's impressive to me.

IRetrouk1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )


Have you actually played that racer on ps4 you talk of? Because the rain does a lot more than just make the game harder, each drop of rain or snow is properly simulated and behaves like it should. as for that dude saying that forza comes out too quickly, 2 years is fine inbetween games, especialy if said game offers improvements over the previous.

cfc781229d ago

Think again m8 after playing 2 hours of Forza 6 I can tell you this game is a massive step up from Forza 5 and any other Forza game ive played.

So far I can say.

Sense of speed is spot on
Wet weather/night racing is awesome
The weight and feel of the cars is 10/10
The puddles are so so so good they just have to be driven through at every opportunity
Graphics improved/great cockpit cams

So much I havent tried yet but so far this game is as good a racer as ive ever played,really impressed by it.

darren_poolies1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

I love Forza, Forza 2 is my favourite racing game ever. I don't own an Xbox On myself no but my flatmate does and I've played plenty of Forza 5 and Horizon 2. You even found the comment that said I've played on my flatmates Xbox One, so clearly you know I have access to one. And as if you actually looked though my comment history, how sad.

I'm not even saying it's a bad game, I'll still probably play it, I'm literally just saying I wish there was a bit more of a gap between releases so that we could have more meaningful improves. But yeah whatever just assume I'm a PS4 fanboy, that's the easy way out right?

muzikjunkie801229d ago

cant make some people happy i guess, btw forza releases every 2 years, forza 5 was a launch game almost 2 years ago.

forza 1 2005
forza 2 2007
forza 3 2009
forza 4 2011
forza 5 2013
forza 6 2015

3-4-51229d ago

Stop Darrenpoolies...just stop.

It isn't a yearly franchise. Stop lying.

A completely different studio makes the Horizon series, therefor this is series that releases every 2 years.

You read that? Every 2 years.

Every 2 years is NOT yearly.

Stop lying.

Sick of the lies on this site.

darren_poolies1228d ago

A completely different studio makes Call of Duty every year yet that is considered a yearly series.

Foehammer1228d ago

First off...

I find it amazing that anyone could wish that a game with a perfect score (which is the article we're on) would not be made available on a regular basis.

2nd, your example of COD...what are the games each studio makes...

Answer FPS

Forza Horizon is OPEN WORLD Driving GAME, every 2 years


3rd, as you have pointed out, YOU don't own the console, even if you did...

Why not buy a HIGH SCORING Forza Game every few years, no one is forcing you to buy a game every 2 years for a console YOU don't own.

Lastly, the changes are SIGNIFICANT:

-24 Drivers on Track
-Night racing
-3D puddles with varying traction and resistance based on puddle placement and water depth, can affect individual tires and pull the car to one sideand induce hydroplaning.

But id f you actually read the article you would know this:

"With new rain and fog effects in place, if you have any inkling for victory, you’ll need to bring with you the utmost concentration as both you and your car will be immersed in a weather system that is simply stunning. Hydroplaning is a real issue as water builds across proper 3D puddles and the deepest darkest nights ensure that a number of the circuits take on a whole new characteristic, with stadium lights helping out massively when your standard headlamps just don’t have the power to cut through the pitch black night air. Without a word of a lie, I’ve constantly sat open mouthed in awe at how great the inclusion of the weather effects have been and how hardcore the night time racing plays out, especially as the cool night air plays a massive effect on the amount of traction you’ll get from your worn tyres. It really does have to be experienced to believe it."

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Fin_The_Human1229d ago

Turn10 and Playground aee some very talented developers and the passion for racing shows in every game.

MS should buy Playground and give them a hefty budget so that they can create an even better open world racer where community strives and the world is 100% Alive

FlexLuger1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Forza horizon 3? :)

EDIT: I dont think we will need it till 2017 though. FM6 is here now, and I would be happy if they just made anothel location basd DLC for FH2 between now and that time. FM6 and FH2 could see all us racing fans on xbox good for two years easy. but its nice that we got all those third party racers to compliment, too.

otherZinc1229d ago

What a game!

Had to pickup the Ultimate Version, had to play tody.

neil3631229d ago

That's a big call seeing what else is out now / the next few months but yeh, could well be the case.

u4one1229d ago

Definitely racer of the year :)

FlexLuger1229d ago

Ori, has a shot too. Halo 5, possibly. Maybe RotTR. It has some stiff competition on the xbox, alone, before we consider other platforms aswell. But forza is easily the best racer this year. Pcars was nice, but the handling in forza is just something else.

neil3631229d ago

Gotta throw Just Cause 3 into that GOTY debate too. If that's not great then... well, I dunno what I'll do.

u4one1229d ago

I just played the full blown ultimate version. So good! Better than 5 by a mile. It even gifted me my real life car (BMW m235i) and some other cars for being a loyal player. Can't wait to dig in more.

corroios1229d ago

The problem is the low impact this game is having on news... gamers are just talking about MGS V and Taken King with tons of news by the minute.

I think its strange, but its the reality. MGS V is eating everything in its path.... What a beast.

This game should have come out in the start of the summer.

IRetrouk1229d ago

Id say forza will be fine, it usually sells well over time so im sure the numbers will just go up and up

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