SCEE on Project Morpheus: 'It's a whole new platform of gaming'

VRFocus reports on the statement that Project Morpheus is 'a whole new platform of gaming', according to SCEE's Simon Benson.

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NeoGamer2322227d ago

"It's a whole new platform of gaming".

True... But so is Valve's VR and Oculus Rift. It will find a niche. But, I doubt people will want it for every game.

I think the reason they have not yet released GT is Morpheus. They will release Morpheus in Spring, and then announce GT for the holidays. PS4 fans would explode as I think Morpheus would be the perfect driving sim game.

TLG19912227d ago

I was expecting immediate drive club support for Morpheus but at this point GT would make a lot more sense. that would be a sure fire way to shift some units.

I really hope it gets some serious support and stick around as a legitimate place to game though. games like every bodies gone to the rapture would be great additions to the kit also. im not keen on the horror stuff with it, from what I've seen so far i think it would be to intense especially to pull people in i wouldn't try and push that at first.

himdeel2227d ago

I just want to know the cost. No song and dance just tell me how much so I can put my money on the table or tell them to gtfo.

Dfooster2227d ago

Project cars is Morpheus ready now. That's enough to tempt me into a day one purchase

reallyNow2227d ago

I'm going to want it for every game simply because quality HMD.

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MysticStrummer2227d ago

Not unless there will be games that require no PS4 and/or controller, and to be considered a separate platform there would need to be lots of those games.

FoxyGotGame2227d ago

Awesome! ...Hope Sony ensure it's an affordable "Whole New Platform of Gaming" ...Please & Thank you /

Volkama2227d ago

I hope their priority is the make it a "quality new platform for gaming". Affordable is a nice commercial goal, but generally means compromises to the quality of the experience and that carries it's own risk.

triple_c2227d ago

At the end of this year or the beginning of next year I have a feeling Sony is going to drop the price of the PS4 so that it'll be more accessible to people because they want to push the Morpheus and they want to make it easeier for people to buy the Morpheus.

As long as the Morpheus is under $300, I'll buy it.

Death2227d ago

As long as demand is high and Sony has the lead in sales there is no reason to drop the price. Sony needs to be profitable, not have the most console sales.

MasterCornholio2227d ago

Well you can still be profitable and have the most sales. If Sony really wants to increase their market share to increase their revenue from software they might drop the PS4s price. Its been 2 years since the system was released. Overtime manufacturing costs decrease which means that Sony might be able to drop the price and maintain the same profit margin. However the real question is will Sony be able to support the increase in demand for the system?

Death2227d ago

They can drop the price and maintain the same margin or they can keep the price the same and reap the benefits of a higher profit margin. If lowering the MSRP lowers profit, why bother if sales are already exceeding expectations?

Bolts2227d ago

Under $300 will constrain it to be an inferior VR headset.

AquarianKing2227d ago

Can't wait to try this out

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