If Apple TV Is An iOS Ouya It Will Pose No Threat To PS4 Or Xbox One

Forbes: Now, I’m not under the delusion that if Apple were to invest more heavily into gaming with Apple TV that the resulting product would be as bad as the Ouya. While I believe the concept itself, mobile games on a TV, is fundamentally barking up the wrong tree, the delivery of the Ouya was just bad, with poor hardware mixing with poor software to create a poor product.

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Jimboms1132d ago

It stoles the PS4 touch pad so if anything PS4 is the way to go.

u4one1131d ago

apples been using touch interfaces long before sony. macbook pros, track pads, the remote apps etc...

lipton1011131d ago

It already poses no threat to XB1 and PS4. These articles are ridiculous. Who in their right mind would buy this exclusively for games?

MrSec841131d ago

True, though people need to realize that for the size this thing is it's tech isn't going to be anywhere near as capable PS4 or XB1.
Maybe it can approach Wii U levels of performance, which puts it substantially higher up the tech ladder than Ouya, but it's still not that impressive.

If small devices can pack more performance, then larger units can pack multiple times that smaller device's capabilities.
Pure facts of thermal limits, otherwise known as laws of physics.

lipton1011130d ago

I'm an enormous apple fan, iPhones, iPads, airport time capsule router, iMac, MacBook and Apple TV. I'll buy the new Apple TV because I've had the old one for years and I've been clamoring for an update. But I won't buy it for the games. So your simple logic is flawed my good man

NeoGamer2321130d ago

There is nothing wrong with being an Apple fan. But, in reality, I don't see many people outside Applenation buying this.

I see this the same as PlayStation/Google fans, Microsoft fans (myself), and Apple fans going forward. Really, the three are dominating the world of consumer computing, gaming, and media in different ways but they are all setting up devoted fan bases that will support pretty much anything they put out.

kneon1131d ago

Some people will, but these people are not the people that would have ever bought PS4/XB1 in the first place.

Lamboomington1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

It's really simple.

For it to pose any threat to anything, it needs to have a lot of horsepower. They can't put out some underpowered device and expect it to compete with any hardcore gaming device.

I'm not saying only graphically impressive games are good. It's just that there's no point in an ouya or an apple equivalent if I can play games that are just as impressive on my phone.

jb2271130d ago

I don't know if anyone would buy it exclusively for gaming at this point, but to call this an Ouya is pretty reductive. Even if the specs & abilities were the same, quality games are pumped out geared towards iPhones & iPads every day, and this will be no different. There are some huge quality devs in the mobile realm and now that they will be able to cater games to the console market through the Apple TV, developers will definitely show up, it has an already built in market whereas Ouya did not. Hell Apple's name alone could create incentive for quality experiences. If the devs behind games like Monument Valley & The Room decide to gear games towards this device, it could have some very worthwhile experiences for sure.

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TheGreatGamer1131d ago

It has a 200mb game size limit... Apple will never pose a threat to PS & Xbox unless they release an actual dedicated games console like Xbox & Ps

u4one1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

i think if you are worried about apple tv stealing all of the console users then you are vastly insecure in your decisions. this thing is absolutely a casual gaming/media device. the fact that it can now play games doesn't mean its going to take over the entire market. I ordered two of them, but not for games. i ordered them to replace my two older ones because i like airplay (use it to play music sync'd in every room of my place) i have a huge iTunes library of music and videos (and now streaming) and i only have one cable box (in the living room). the apple tv's handle tv for the bedrooms and office. the games... i don't really care. nice its there i guess but... i have an xbox one and a ps4. i'm pretty sure I'm not alone here.

Agent_00_Revan1131d ago

I recently bought a Fire Tv box and laughed when I read you can buy a dedicated games controller for it. I have no intention of gaming on it.

Zeref1131d ago

It's not even a threat to Ouya. It's not being marketed as a gaming console at all. They only showed like 2 games.

MoveTheGlow1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

Yeah, it's an effective set-top box that can play some games. "Effective" takes it out of Ouya territory immediately!

Seriously, good Apple TVs are needed. SmartTV setups, kinda like the Ouya, are absolute dog-crap most of the time, and their components can hardly hold up under their own updates. For those of us who don't have a PS4 or a PC connected to the TV, a good set-top box is a super upgrade for otherwise fine TVs. Especially for cord-cutters.

And now it has some games. That's neat - Crossy Road! - but it'll have nowhere near the retail games library of your average PC or current console in at least gen 1, despite Metal and its higher computing power. Maybe someday they'll go that far with third-parties, but they'd have to be Ouya and fund development to go all-in right now, as those larger third parties are looking at the currently small install base and going "Nope."

Square has a whole library of retro games on their iOS list that should totally be on Apple TV, though!

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