PC industry still growing and Faster than Consoles

According to the report, the PC market has generated a total of 21.5 billion dollars in hardware sales last year, doubling the revenue generated from sales of consoles.

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Jimboms1161d ago

Doesn't surprise me, no one would let the master race die out.

Gearsiege1161d ago

Your my favorite person now xD

freshslicepizza1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

music to my ears. even some ps4 console exclusives are making it to the pc like street fighter and hellblade. nintendo seems to be the most reluctant to offer console exclusive games on the pc.

also good news is japanese games are making more appearances on the pc

never4get1161d ago

AMD 2 Teraflop handheld APU, Thanks!

Ashlen1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

It's funny people always talk about how many disagrees you get if you say something good about PS4 or Xbox but you get way more if you say something good about PC heh.

PC is such a great and versatile format. And it's never going away. I mean right now I have GW2 playing on my main monitor, this webpage on my secondary monitor and I'm watching a movie on my TV all being played from my PC. That's a simple thing for me on PC that's so far beyond consoles potential.

I like my PS4 but it's not even in the same class of functionality as a PC.

FriedGoat1161d ago


I think it's mainly the deception used in the numbers that people get angry about. IF the PC was actually doing as well as people seem to say, wouldn't the PC version of AAA games outsell the console versions?

It's all well and good grabbing a bunch of figures, but if there's no breakdown, it means absolutely nothing.

BenRage31161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


"IF the PC was actually doing as well as people seem to say, wouldn't the PC version of AAA games outsell the console versions?"

Not at all. The PC has literally hundreds of games that never make it to console, or make it to console much later--Ark Survival Evolved, Starbound, Divine Divinity: Original Sin, Terraria: Otherworld, Crea, not to mention the 4x games like Civilization etc.

The PC game library is so much larger and more diverse, that it makes sense that the user base is more spread out in what they buy.

donthate1161d ago

I prefer my Xbox One because it is better for my home entertainment needs, but I would sorely miss PC if it went bust.

I use my Xbox One and PC the most despite owning PS4. PC is a good all around compliment and I love my StarCraft 2.

Windows 10 + DX12 and Oculus Rift next year is gonna be GOOOOOOAD!!! :D

Lordani661161d ago

OH MY GOD, another lying article, how sweet, this comment from this article says it all:

"all i can say is is 25,000,000 pa4,13.000,000,6.2million wii u,that 44,000,000 consoles suck it master race and STOP including e-sport skin sales..lmaoi think is sad when people but SKINS in games like league and cs go.keep opening them crates master race..lmao"

Agreed 100%. PC is strong when it comes to free to play games, AKA not what the industry gives the best, AKA pay to win cancer of games. Another link that says "PC IS WINNING":

If yo actually read it carefully, you can read:

"PC gaming now brings in more money than console gaming." - which is the same thing this article states, but then:

"The growth in PC spending is being driven heavily by the explosive growth in MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2, Cole said. That certainly gels with what we found in our recent Steam Gauge analysis, which shows Dota 2 dominating in a number of gameplay statistics."

"The PC gaming market is also dominated by older titles; Cole said there wasn't a single title released in 2013 that made the top 20 list of most played games for that year"

"PC gaming revenue growth has been especially strong in Europe and among free-to-play titles, Cole said."

So calm your tits PC master race, your "powerful" PCs don't win here anything, you just like to spend freaking thousands $ on free to play games, for armours in MMOs, hats (TF2), skins (CSGO) and all this stupid sh**, while consoles give the biggest gain to AAA games developers.

If you want real comparison in terms of sales of AAA, high quality, grade-A games, not MOBAs, Free to plays, skins and all this stupid crap, you can see these graphs:

NukaCola1161d ago

I want to know how many people own gaming rigs. I honestly don't know that many. So I wonder what the attach rate is.

IceKoldKilla1161d ago

@Ashlen Man, we all know PCs can do more. You literally can change everything about one. Hardware AND software but why would you use that as your argument? Who the fuck plays, watches a movie and comments at the same time?! Stop lying! You can have all 3 running but as a normal human being, you can't concentrate and perform well at all 3 tasks. Such a useless thing to say. I'll use the same reply Xbox One got for its shit TV featire: "Who needs to watch TV while playing games?". If I'm playing a game on my PC, I'm playing a game. I don't need a movie distracting me or I'm not worried about commenting on N4G at that moment. And btw, not everyone would find 3 monitors usefull or even have the money to afford it. I WOULD love 3 monitors for a more immersive gaming experience like with racing games. But I'm not spending that much money just for that. I rather buy more games or buy something else.

Ashlen1161d ago


I almost always have a movie or a lets play or a stream on while I play games. And it's infinitely handy to have say a faq or something open while I play a game and have a movie on.

I do similar things to this all the time.

KurtRussell1160d ago

@ y'all above and below

How many ppl buy a console just to play CoD, FIFA or some other sports game? Not everyone buys every AAA title that comes out. And PC gamers have so many games to choose from, and wildly different tastes and that is why big titles don't sell as well as on consoles. If consoles gamers had that many different choices it would be the same situation, the money would spread around. And games are games, be they FPS, RTS or MOBA.

stragomccloud1160d ago

Well, Nuca-cola, that's because it takes an intelligent and serious person to build a gaming rig.

mabreu1160d ago

Did I miss read this article?

It's pretty obvious that console software sales will slow down. Have anyone heard of this term "Next Gen." It describes the transition from older consoles to the beginning of new ones.

The start of the new consoles generation was in late 2013. Comparing that to a platform that has been around for decades, sounds like a stretch.

Lordani661160d ago

mabreu you should read MY comment and you will understand what did they mean by "pc brings more money than consoles". This comment is a few above your.

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saywat2471161d ago

just cause it generated more money doesn't mean it's more successful and sold more than ps4 or xbox one because the ps4 and xbox one are at fixed prices from about 400 dollars. pc hardware on the other hand its't at fixed prices there's more stuff to buy and the price for a desktop is thousands of dollars and individual hardware such as graphics cards etc are like 500 alone and more and thats more than a console itsef which includes accessories.

dollars doesn't equal success. the amount of units sold and fanbase equals success. everything isn't about money. the pc "master race" is all about money. console on the other hand, such as the ps4, has both success in profits and units sold and fanbase. therefore this whole article is invalid. consoles are thriving more than pc and its pretty obvious from fanbase, sales,support and games available. pc always comes last u pc "master race" enthusiasts like to play blind to the fact.

*cough* ports *cough* sorry had something stuck in my throat *cough*

solar1161d ago

You are really naive if you think Sony, MS and Nintendo care more about your feelings then the money in your pocket.

1381161d ago

"dollars doesn't equal success"

I guess businesses have had it wrong all these... millennia. Pack it in, guys. saywat247 says money doesn't matter. You've been foolishly asking for money for the things you create. Really, in hindsight, it does seem really, really, really stupid to make money for creating things. How did we not know this sooner? Thank you for your insight, saywat247. You've moved humanity forward greatly this day.

DragonKnight1161d ago

The thing is is that this article is just as vague as the last time someone came out with an article like this, actually even more so.

See, the last time someone did an article like this, it was a company. And the company didn't include hard numbers, but instead used percentages AND included tablets and mobile phones as PC devices.

This time around it's a different company that's even more vague. PC hardware sales encompass so many different parts whereas console hardware sales are the entire system sold as it is. We also don't know what specifically was studied, what they specifically counted as PC hardware, or the sample size. I highly doubt it's an all-encompassing study and is more likely to be a generalized study of the more popular outlets that sell PC parts.

But think of it this way, what do you expect is going to show higher revenue. A product made up of several different parts in which you can count every part as part of the sum, or a product that's also made up of several parts but is pre-assembled and consumers can't generally buy the parts needed themselves?

Linwelin1161d ago

"thousands of dollars" Yeah, no just no. They do not cost thousands of $$, you can spend thousands of $$ sure, but do you have to to be able to play the latest and greatest ? NO!

saywat2471161d ago

@solar never did i say that sony, ms, or nintendo care about money more than feelings nor did i imply it never did i mention anything about feelings

@138 its all based on ur interpretation of success kiddo. let me elaborate for ur closed, under-developed mind. the article talks about how pc is "still growing faster than consoles". yes i mentioned money as a mere side note and yes business' do measure success by dollars. but as a gamer and consumer, and even to the business, success is more than money. it's about the success of a thriving community and fanbase, the games available, the innovation, the achievements, and so on. if u think success is measure solely by money, then u buddy, surely will get no where in life with that attitude.

garrettbobbyferguson1161d ago

"Dollars doesn't equal success"

Christ, the amount of backpedaling some of you users on the front page will do is amazing. So now sales don't matter, eh?

Ravenor1161d ago

"but as a gamer and consumer, and even to the business, success is more than money. it's about the success of a thriving community and fanbase, the games available, the innovation, the achievements"

My....god. The PC features plenty of innovation, a massive community, has thousands of games available and achievements? If you mean technical achievements, the list is loooong and impressive.

What this article is about is revenue generated from hardware sales, but what Dragonknight points out is correct. The comparison is always flawed and without details on what they consider PC hardware it becomes pretty useless.

Where your logic gets kinda flawed is: A) The "fanbase" only matters in a marketing sense, they don't give a f--- how much you like your console.

B) You don't get to change the goal posts based on how you feel, which is exactly what you're doing. If more revenue is generated by PC hardware, than that's how it is. It doesn't matter the costs, people are spending money on it.

ssj271161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

My friend, don't waste time arguing and don't even try to use common sense with a PC elitist fangirl.

Believe me it's useless as you and anyone who is not them can see.

But glad to see PC games are doing better than before, it only means more companies trying to get a piece of the cake and eventually equals more games on consoles. because they know consoles usually sales better and has a bigger fan ba$e

I understand is cheaper and easier to develop a game for PC first. Then port it to consoles.. sad but true.

Paulino301161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

cough* ports *cough* sorry had something stuck in my throat *cough*

I'm assuming it's Sony's

solar1160d ago


you said

"consoles are thriving more than pc and its pretty obvious from fanbase, sales,support and games available. pc always comes last u pc "master race" enthusiasts like to play blind to the fact."

there are your feelings right there. no basis for your argument, just "oh, well they love us, look at all the great things they do for us!". they dont care if you like them or hate them, they want that bill in your wallet.

then, you attack a fanbase....for? that's right you had to get your dig in/

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Haru1161d ago

Well doe they're talking about PC's in general schools and companies always buy new pc's for work it would be stupid to assume that they are all for gaming purpose

nowitzki20041160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Well when I built my rig it cost me a little over $1000... Can say its all game hardware because I built my PC specifically for gaming.. Some people spend a lot more so I can believe that PC hardware outsells console hardware.

Kidmyst1161d ago

Oh how I remember articles from Last year to years ago on PC gaming is dead. I just searched Google and several popped up. When I first heard this I know not a chance, no matter how good consoles get, PC gaming will always be around.

Clunkyd1161d ago

If this was the case, Why isn't AAA games selling better on PC? Seems like these numbers dont perform well in the real world.

starchild1161d ago

Actually, major 3rd party publishers ARE making a lot of money off the PC. Haven't you been paying attention? Recent financial reports from EA, Ubisoft, etc show that the PC is a thriving gaming platform.

The fact that big 3rd party games do that well on the PC despite PC gamers having a much wider breadth of games fighting for their attention and money says a lot about how well PC gaming is doing.

Vegamyster1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

The majority of PC game sales are digital and those numbers are almost never released for whatever reason, the closest thing we have is Steamspy which monitors Steam stats but its not 100% accurate and like the name implies, it only tracks Steam. It's hard to have accurate numbers, Ubisoft for example said "95% of PC gamers are pirates" a few years ago but recently said 23% of their profits came from PC, then there is also the huge backlog of games available on PC.

Clunkyd1161d ago

This is what I dont understand about PC gamers, they can't give me a straight answer. They're always trying to sugar coat and spin my question around.

Like I said, Why isn't AAA games selling better on PC if hardware sales are booming? No straight answer? That's what I thought.

Vegamyster1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )


Maybe because there isn't straight answer available? You were given specific reasons & causes why.

1. Digital Sales numbers are very rarely released to us.

2. Backlog dwarfs consoles, this is why Steam's & other digital distributors so popular.

3. If you actually use Steam Spy's numbers, the average 3rd party game outsells the Xone version of the game, DRM free versions/other services sell games too so it doesn't take into account all sales on the platform.

BenRage31160d ago

"Like I said, Why isn't AAA games selling better on PC if hardware sales are booming? No straight answer?"

The answer is simple. PC games have more titles to offer than the small amount of AAA titles you play every year on your console. My steam wishlist is filled from top to bottom with many games you've never even heard of, why? Because the diversity of the pc library is overwhelmingly larger. Divinity: Original Sin (coming to consoles later), Pillars of Eternity, Starbound, Crea, Homesick, Kentucky Route Zero, The Forest (might come to consoles), Civilization: Beyond Earth (a huge AAA franchise that never came to consoles), Lichdom Battle Mage, Planet Explorers, Rising Worlds, Galactic Civilization 3 (another AAA franchise), Sins of the Solar Empire (AAA exclusive) I could go on for paragraphs, but I hope the point is clear.

While you think Call of Duty, Skyrim, Fallout and Assassins Creed are the only AAA franchises out there, all of which are on PC, 3 of which originated on PC; PC gamers have far, far, far more titles to choose from, therefore it makes sense that the user base is more spread out on which titles they choose to play, thus explaining why the AAA titles you are referring to sell more on the consoles. Console gamers have far less to choose from than PC gamers period.

Steam id ben rage v2.0 friend me

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DevilOgreFish1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I actually have a couple console buddies investing in gaming PCs. I didn't even have to convince them, they did plenty of research on their own. The internet has plenty of helpful sites to help you get into pc gaming.

3-4-51160d ago

PC + Console + Handheld will always remain.

They all help progress gaming.

thisismyaccount1160d ago

... and yet consoles keep outselling pc copies of pretty much every 3rd party game released in the past 20 years.

Witcher Series
etc..etc..etc.. and NOT by a small margin i might add. Here a depiction of the real pc market :

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Neixus1161d ago

CSGO, LoL, Dota 2 and other titles are probably one of the biggest reasons PC gaming is so popular atm.

SteamPowered1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I can think of lots of reasons. To be honest, none of my Pc friends play any of those games.
I got into Pc gaming again because of the ease of access now with Steam being a central platform for Pc gaming.
Steam now brings in-home Game streaming, Family Share, Cheap games, Indy gems, Remote game installation, Console Mode, Cloud back-up, Steam Broadcasting, and software. Plus all the other stuff like the HTC Vive and SteamVR right around the corner, Steam just gets better and better.

And all this gaming excellence for no monthly fee. Just amazing.

nowitzki20041161d ago

I agree with SteamPowered. Tried those games they were good, but its way more than that. Don't care if I ever play any of those games again but PC is my main platform.

BenRage31160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

Friend me on steam and check out my library of over 150 games, not a single one of which is CSGO, LoL, or Dota 2. The only reason I got Counter Strike Source was so I could use the assets for Garry's mod. Challenge--how many of you console gamer's know the glory of Garry's mod?

Steam user id ben rage v2.0 anyone feel free to friend me

uth111161d ago

Misleading- PC hardware isn't bought for just gaming, and PC hardware market has been collapsing for years. This is the only guy who paints a rosy picture.

Gearsiege1161d ago

Lol. So much hate.
We are talking about PC gaming here.

uth111161d ago

"The PC market has generated a total of 21.5 billion dollars in hardware sales last year according to the report. This is double of what consoles generate."

That says nothing about games. Misleading

LightofDarkness1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

You could have taken a moment to not embarrass yourself:

It's about PC GAMING hardware, not PC hardware in general. The enthusiast market has gone up tremendously this past year, particularly for Nvidia.

Also, the graph in the article shows SOFTWARE sales. Just a little more salt for that wound.

I don't know why this works you up so much, but one can only conclude it is jealousy.

FriedGoat1161d ago

But what are they calling PC Gaming Hardware? Gfx Cards, Mice, Keyboards? CPU's?

shloobmm31161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

My brother bought a $2300 Asus Republic.Of.Gamers laptop for the sole purpose of doing graphic design. That would be categorized under gaming hardware but it's not meant for gaming. So he makes a valid point.

Also they have no idea what is for gaming and what's not. You can buy a badass mouse and not use it for gaming because you want that precision. Are they factoring all mouse and keyboard purchases. Are they factoring in all CPU's purchases. The problem is that they don't go into specifics and they don't define why it's considered gaming hardware.

LightofDarkness1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

The software sales are there to back it up. How much more denial do you have to be in? If you're truly interested in disproving the author's claims, go download the research and tell us how it's flawed. At the bottom of the page they show you how it's categorized and more. But no, that story of that one guy you know must be true for like, half of that, right? Just enough so your "favourite" wins, I'm sure...

The real question is: Why is this such a sticking point for you? What makes you so displeased to see that PC gaming is doing well and gamers are supporting it? I think we know why, but I'd like to see you admit it.

What I'm seeing here is a man with years of sale and research data to back his claims up vs. 2/3 guys in a comments section who just plain don't like it and use generalities to back up their claims.

Volkama1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

The article isn't that clear about the survey referring specifically to gaming hardware (and the quote gamers preferring "Fixed hardware" is used out of context), but a little common sense will tell you it's purely gaming hardware. Otherwise the number would be far greater.

And for every ROG laptop used for graphics design, there will be a friend of a friend that bought a console to use as a blu-ray player so that's kinda moot.

PC gaming is generally in a good state at the moment. Always going to be things to complain about, but it's mostly good times.

andibandit1161d ago


You can always find exceptions to the rule.
I'm sure there were people who bought current generation consoles at launch to smash them and upload on youtube.
Most people would problably consider me a fool for using that example to argue not all people buy consoles for gaming.

yezz1161d ago


There aren't just few exceptions though. We have three computers in our household and none of them are used for gaming. There are definitely more non-gamers buying computers than consoles.

andibandit1161d ago


Im not sure how your example ties in with the discussion here.

We are talking about sales of Gaming PC's/Hardware, not sales of PC's in general.

Spyroo1161d ago

A biased writer, already your site sucks, another one added to never visit again.

starchild1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )


Don't mind Uth11, he is a massive Sony fanboy and a PC-hater.You'll see him in most PC articles trying to bash or downplay the PC. It seems some of these guys can't stand for any other platforms to do well.

_-EDMIX-_1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

..this isn't about PC gaming though, I own 2 PC's and both have similar hardware, I still use a gaming GPU to edit videos and photos, you would think my work station is a gaming PC as it very much can play games.

The power needed to do video editing in HD and photoshop editing is similar to that of PC gaming. You can get away with a sick gaming machine that can be used for video editing, doesn't really know how much of that hardware was bought 100% for gaming.

Agree with Volk, PC gaming will always be at a good state. You don't need MOST having next gen power to actually make profit. Hell look at PS3, many titles on PS3 do better then some PS4 titles just based on the install base size.

The modular hardware allows for gamers to continue to spend money on older or lessor titles that can scale back pretty far.

Though I could play Witcher 3 at a really low frame rate on low settings on my HD 5770 (hell no I'd rather not) the fact that I can as a choice is why PC makes so much money on software as they are not locked out of spending money...even with trash hardware lol

BenRage31160d ago

When console gamer's say it is misleading, that means nothing really. My brother solely uses his PS3 for Netflix and Blu Ray movies, does that somehow negate the sale of the hardware? See how that goes both ways? The fact of the matter is, it is reasonable to assume that the majority of GPU's, gaming mice, Keyboards etc, are used for gaming, the same way most (not all) consoles are uses primarily for gaming.

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Lon3wolf1161d ago

More salt with that comment? It has been said for a few years now PC revenue is higher than console revenue. Pleanty of sites have painted a positive picture of PC gaming, like a lot of media they always go from one extreme to another for clicks/whatever. Either way PC revenue etc. are just fine.

Gearsiege1161d ago

*Inserts Thank-you GIF*

BenRage31160d ago

I've never entirely understood why a gamer wouldn't be interested in PC gaming. And why people who choose to game strictly on consoles get so violently defensive when someone talks about the positive aspects of PC gaming. I mean if the game is fun, why does it matter which platform you play it on?

Maxor1161d ago

A $500 Nvidia GPU, $100 MMO mouse, $120 mechancial keyboard, $800 34" widescreen monitor isn't bought for gaming?

What are they bough for? Facebook?

Hell just look at the dozens of companies that exist because their business model is based PC gaming hardware. Razer, Corsair, even Logitech.

shloobmm31161d ago

Your ignorance is truly astounding.Your assumption that you are either playing games or on facebook is so entirely wrong its ridiculous.
umm yes people buy $800 wide screen monitors for a lot more than gaming. I have 3 $1200 curved LG WQHD IPS displays that games are never played on. They are used for work and work purposes only and majority people who buy a screen like that would use it in ways outside of gaming. However they are probably including those in gaming hardware sales.

LightofDarkness1161d ago

They are "probably" including those? Care to back that up?

Maxor1161d ago

No. Your ignorance is that you think I'm talking about YOUR monitor. I was referring to something like the 34" Asus PG348Q 144mhz gaming monitor. That is unless for some bullshit reason you need a G-Sync monitor that can handle 120 FPS games and a MMO gaming mouse "for work".

Thanks for proving you have idea WTF you're talking about.

Bolts1161d ago

Hey boss I need a 144 MHz AMD free sync monitor and a full RGB Corsair mechanical keyboard with brown switches to improve my productivity. Oh and can you please replace this Quadro video card with a Fury X? Thx....

garrettbobbyferguson1161d ago

"100 dollar mmo mouse"

How about that 200 dollar Xbox Controller? Or that 60 dollar Playstation 4 controller? Why are peripherals suddenly not counted? Huh?

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Two-Face1161d ago

You are misleading uth11

uth111161d ago

Nope. Everyone knows PC is dying except this Jon Peddle guy and fanboys in denial.

PC gaming may look strong now, but it can only hang on so long as investment in this area dries up.