'Destiny' Doesn't Have A Peter Dinklage Problem, It Has A Ghost Problem

It doesn’t matter how well you write Ghost’s lines, or how good the voice actor is who reads them. The fact is, Bungie made a huge mistake relying on the Ghost to tell its story in the first place.

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MysticStrummer1159d ago

Totally agree. I never had a huge problem with Dinklage. He sounded bland but he was an AI. Now North is doing it… and he sounds like a bland AI. Some people are claiming Dinklage's performance was sooo much better, and even talking about petitions to bring him back, but I have no idea what they're hearing. The only points I'll give North is that he doesn't sound like Nathan Drake.

Chaosdreams1159d ago

It comes down to getting used to how now person delivered the lines. With Dinklage, there was a mixture of having a lack of emotion yet a dry sense of what's going on, thus bringing an eerie an somewhat satisfying delivery (but yes, also bland.)

North sounds like a child (in the sense its annoying) in his delivery. Which dampens the "dark" vibe that Dinklage had going on. I'm sure he has some lines that are delivered better, but from the comparison video, I think he delivered it all worse.

Nineball21121159d ago

I agree. I think the North ghost sounds childish? immature?... not sure, just that I don't think it's for the better.

It's kind of annoying, honestly. I'm sure it's because Dinklebot had a lower timbre in his voice compared to how North talks.

1nsomniac1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Completely agree, Drinklage was far better & suited the character it was for despite it still being a bit dull. North's voice doesn't suit the character at all & sounds stupidly out of place & childlike like you say. Changing the voice still won't fix the terrible script!

I think they went from a slightly dull but fitting option to just an out right ill fitted terrible option. Average performance to worse performance.

Kribwalker1159d ago

That video shows how terrible north is vs dinklage. Especially when he goes "We've awoken the hive" dinklage showed concern, north almost sounds like Ron burgundy when they put an accidental ? On the teleprompter "I'm Ron Burgundy?" Lol

MysticStrummer1159d ago

I've seen the video, and to me it shows that both sound almost the same. One isn't "terrible" in comparison to the other. That's just silly exaggeration imo.

kbozz711159d ago

I think they should have used a female voice.

Fin_The_Human1159d ago

Ghost is no Cortana and that is where Bungie messed up.

Ghost is not even as good of Characters than Guilty Sparks.

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Ristul1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Yeah, Guilty Sparks have more personality then Ghost, the story in Halo is also much deeper so that helped. Destiny is a shell of a game.

user99502791159d ago

Seems to me that Destiny has a Destiny problem.

Though the game has a lot of followers, so maybe the endless criticism should end? They are clearly doing something right.

I'm pretty much holding out any real criticism until Destiny 2. At that point we will hopefully get a good idea of what the new Bungie is actually capable of.

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Kribwalker1159d ago

I play it still pretty consistently, but there is a lot to criticize in this game. Especially now that 2.0 has come out and rendered the last 2 DLC pointless. No more Eris Moon or Petra bounties, the wolf packs have disappeared, our raid weapons we worked for during year one will now be useless, they have really screwed over the year one players taking everything away that we played for

Sevir1159d ago

Those missions and such are still there, and the reputation for the past 2 still exist. But the wolf pack retreating was in preparation or response to Oryx's arrival... That decision to take away the wolf pack was more of a story subtle narrative hinting to the fact that The Fallen Wolve remnants sense the oncoming danger and have retreated.

For those who get the Taken King Legendary edition will still get keys and such through other means. But if you've already done the DLCs you've gotten plenty...

Also, Year two gear is already more powerful, and I'm not talking lengendary, but they've confirmed that white green and blue engrams out class old raid and lengendary gear, he'll even some of the legendary gear from "HoW" we're more powerful than "TDB" gear so I'm not sure why people are making a big deal.

Kribwalker1159d ago

Working hard on raid gear in the dark below, then being able to upgrade it in house of wolves was the right way to do it. Making it obsolete except certain exotics that people didn't use as much is not the right way to do it. Right now once the taken king launches the only thing that will differentiate 1st year vs 2nd year is an emblem if you finish your circle. That sucks

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pecorre1159d ago

The problem is the script. The story is bad and no VA will be able to redeem it.

WellyUK1159d ago

I don't think the story is bad it's how the story has been delivered to the player, which hasn't really been done. The script is also utter sh*te. Think people realize this now as the voice actor hasn't really changed anything as the script for the ghost is just bad.

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