The Good And The Bad Of 'Destiny' Year Two, Day One

Forbes: Today marks the official first day of Year Two of Destiny in my book. You can say that it starts next week with the release of The Taken King, but so much about the game has changed after patch 2.0, that it’s clear the second year has already begun. You can also say it started yesterday, when the patch actually was released, but that only applies to people who aren’t me who managed to download the 17 GB patch without incident. I was not so lucky,

But I finally got my hands on 2.0 late last night after a series of maddening glitches and freezes, and have been playing it since. I made a list yesterday of some of the most major changes of the patch, and today I’ve managed to actually see how they work in practice. Destiny 2.0 brings with it many big changes, and it’s been interesting to explore many of them in the first day alone. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

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ox_ADRlAN_xo1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

The armsday guns you can dismantle when you're done with them.
The patch took a long time to download because XBL services were limited for downloaded content (I'm assuming you're Xbox) and millions were downloading the same time you were.
The quests you shouldn't do but rather save them instead for TTK to gain XP extremely fast or rank up another character now.

You're welcome.

N4Flamers1227d ago

I felt like it was the same game with new things to grind. I enjoyed rift but I don't know if that alone is enough to get me to fully come back to destiny.

I was bored by the end of the first day.

Sevir1227d ago

Lol, Rift was barely a spec of sand in the grand scheme of Taken King Content. All update 2.0 did was set the changes system wide for game play, while giving you a preview of all 7/8 multiplayer maps that releases to Everyone who has the Taken King.

N4Flamers1224d ago

I honestly don't think you're getting that much content. You're getting one raid and one new location. I'm not a big pvp guy so I honestly don't care much about multiplayer. It's all the same to me just different maps. Rift felt like fun. It was still your average multiplayer game.

I've played since beta so I have to say I'm burned out on the grind fest that is destiny. I feel that the game lacks depth. I'm not judging you for enjoying the grind it just bores me, and this update has failed to sell me on TTK.

jeremyj29131227d ago

Can't see myself really getting back into Destiny until all the connection issues stop.