'Star Wars Battlefront' Is Authentic And Epic

Forbes: Star Wars Battlefront has never looked so good. A more accurate description would be beautiful, something that can easily be lost on you amidst the frantic blaster fire, turbo-laser bombardments and massive AT-AT Walkers looming overhead. Add Y-Wing bombing runs and TIE Fighter flybys and its a miracle if you get the chew the scenery at all, especially since the scenery is more likely to chew you.

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uth111134d ago

Everything I've seen of this game looks as good as the original trilogy! Maybe even better

Maddens Raiders1134d ago

Time will tell - this is shaping up to be the perfect storm for all things Star Wars games/collectibles related in 2015-2016.

This title has my full attention and if it's 3/4's as good as the hype surrounding it will exceed all expectations, and push the naysayers further into irrelevance, and oh yeah - it will sell megatons. Count me in on the tonnage. ;)

venom061134d ago

can NOT wait for this one.. Bring on the Star Wars awesomeness..

user99502791134d ago

It seems as though there have been some minor improvements to graphics and sound. Though I might be mistaken.

alice20151134d ago ShowReplies(4)
Eliseo6761134d ago

I will miss the prequel maps.
I think the scale and worlds are one of the best things in Star Wars.

I completely expect EA to release some of them as DLC.
Same for any of the other The Force Awakens worlds.

NiteX1134d ago

I'm completely expecting EA to screw this game up royally. But I will hold off judgment until it's out in the wild for a bit.

XXXL1134d ago

Agreed. Just because it's shiny and new this is still EA we're talking about. Let's wait and see

AquarianKing1134d ago

This is gonna be the best FPS shooter of the year and win a lot of rewards

Unyoked1133d ago

I will see and find out