'Metal Gear Solid V' And 'The Witcher 3' Both Suffer From The Same Big Flaw

Forbes: " The Phantom Pain is very much an RPG in a similar vein as The Witcher 3, even though it isn’t labeled as such.

And here is where we come to the flaw."

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Fin_The_Human1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Please explain why no? I actually agree with the article.

frostypants1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I think he kind of swung and missed at the main issue: making an open world captivating. It can work well, but it has to reward the user for exploring. Games like Skyrim achieve can stumble upon massive dungeons/structures and quest lines just wandering between point A and B. Stuff that peaks your curiosity, practically begging you to check it out, see if you can get inside, etc...which could then send you on a quest to the far corners of the game world. You never know what you might discover.

The Witcher 3 doesn't have near the variety. "Oh look, another little town...oh look, another burnt out town...oh look, another bunch of deserters". There's stuff to see, but not nearly as much thought went into it. And the quests often send you on epic journeys...150 feet down the road. To make matters worse, the game can label just about every side quest on the map without even visiting the spot. Apparently Geralt has Google Maps. In short, exploration in Witcher 3 feels like an afterthought, and as a result a major benefit of an open world is crippled. Sure, the atmosphere is awesome, but the sense of adventure and exploration is severely lacking compared to what it could have been. It's like they spent all their time on this awesome map, but didn't bother putting anything interesting between those locations required for the main plot. The only reason to even bother going off the main plot is to build up your character for the main quests. Those side quests aren't particularly interesting.

Witcher 3 is a good game but it feels incomplete and nerfed.

UnwanteDreamz1161d ago

I disagree Frosty.

Skyrims quests and discoverable content was no more diverse then The Witcher 3. I think this is a case of nostalgia clouding the truth.

MGS5 is another story. I don't think it is fair to compair it to these other open world games. The main focus in MGS5 is clearly gameplay.

Sono4211161d ago

Metal gear solid 5 has the same rocks copy and pasted all over the world... and if you don't believe me i'll make a video showing it... it's really sad actually... nothing says bland like copy and paste.

sinspirit1161d ago


It does. No one says it doesn't. But, that's why you aren't made to run across the entire map unless you make yourself. It's aim is to be realistic as well as tied into its science fiction. It's not going to throw out a traveler getting stuck in your path to initiate some sort of big side quest. I think Kojima and team should definitely create a new game or franchise with many of these aspects in mind however and have it more fantasy oriented. Because, it's awesome stuff but not going to fit into this world.

I understand you want to run into cool things out in the open world. Well, this game aims to keep part of your attention into your iDroid. In GZ I thought it was cool but odd to use. Now that I see it scan documents, play music, track markers on a map, and let me control my developments and base facilities and soldiers it feels so much more than welcome. I will be in a sniping spot and pull it up to adjust some things and make sure I have soldiers deployed and then I proceed to mark enemies and find out how to infiltrate my next mission and which enemies to capture. The only thing that bugs me in this game is the skulls. I have killed all but the ones I fought on missions with higher artificial difficulty(higher difficulty then the default setting). Well, I did complete the mission but I found another method to ridding of them. For some I do fully understand how tedious it can get in this game. I normally would need to take a break from it and come back to finish it but from all the story I've taken in thus far from previous titles and what not I keep trying to pin point what is going to happen next that it keeps me tied into it.

AidenPearce1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

@Frosty, that is highly false. Witcher 3 had a great set of sidequests, and minimal fetch quests, which Skyrim had a lot of btw.

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christian hour1161d ago

I can understand how some people don't enjoy taking in vast expanses of scenery as they explore and see it as "boring".

But I don't understand how they can't realise that some people like exploring these huge worlds down to every last rock and tree, this "flaw" is anything but.

I think I had an argument here with someone once because there were "too many trees, not enough buildings to explore" in some game (possibly witcher?). Pfft, humans and their buildings.

I think the writer is just expressing his preference for linear games over open world and confusing it with fact or flaw. Both have pros and cons, I prefer linear myself but mainly because open world is rarely done right, then again linear is rarely done right too.

frostypants1161d ago

If there's nothing compelling in all those rocks and trees, or what you find becomes repetitive, few people will enjoy it for very long.

christian hour1159d ago

There's time and effort put in to those rocks and trees, there's craftsmanship to be admired, I mean have you ever even tried to draw a tree? Trees are hard man!

Loadedklip1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

You should try reading the article. It is actually very well written.

It discusses four types of game designs we know and gives examples of each.

Traditional, linear level design or obstacle course design; Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Open-world level design which favors the open field over the obstacle course; The Witcher 3

Linear level-design that gives players multiple paths through an obstacle course; Dishonored

Open-world level design that favors myriad obstacle courses over the open field; Dark Souls 1

It's actually a very good read and he argues his point of view well. Give it a full read.

frostypants1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

But he missed a major one:

Open-world level design which favors the open world over the obstacle course, but intersperses **elaborate** obstacle courses throughout said world for the player to discover (and which aren't part of the main quest). E.G. Skyrim/Fallout 3.

CrowbaitBob1161d ago

I think the article suffers from a very big flaw in that it's set up in the headline as a statement of objective fact rather than a well worded opinion.

wsoutlaw871161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Lol none of this is fact. I didn't need to read this to know what the map is like in the witcher. I played it, and enjoyed it. There aren't really any points made, just opinions

wsoutlaw871161d ago

Ya this is stupid. The witcher was one of the best games I've ever played and the environments were great. You could also fast travel easily.

Jerry Seinfeld1155d ago


I agree with you completely.

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InMyOpinion1161d ago

I get where he's coming from but the open world in MGS 5 is very different from that of Witcher, Skyrim and RPG's. It's more like a lot of different levels seemlessly integrated within an open space.

And the graphics are better than any other open world game. Kojima should get more praise for the technical aspect of MGS 5, and the FOX engine. It's a graphical masterpiece. From textures to lighting and particle effects it floors the opposition. And to boot it all runs at 60 fps.

Pintheshadows1161d ago

The moonlight on rocky cliff faces in Afghanistan is staggering.

pyroxxx1161d ago

agreed,.. there are aspects of this engine's lightning that just blow my mind

nX1161d ago

It's lightning is definitely amazing but the textures could be better.
Overall I was more impressed with The Witchers or Arkham Knights graphics but I think MGS5's gameplay and AI is more impressive and that's what matters to me.

Pintheshadows1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

I actually think that taken as a whole MGSV is the most graphically impressive game I have seen. There is something so tangible about it. Sure, looking up close some of the textures are not excellent, but the whole is remarkable. The sense of place reminds me of RDR.

With The Witcher 3 and this my jaw has been suitably dropped this year. TW3 made my jaw drop twice as I saw it both on a PS4 (very beautiful)) and a powerful PC (even more beautiful). They are both gorgeous. They are also a testament to how intelligent lighting can change the look and feel of a game.

They are also both excellent games. I played TW3 for about 300 hours and I never wanted it to end. I am getting the same feeling with MGSV. And Fallout is still to come this year. And Just Cause 3.

Arkham Knight is pretty as well, but I don't feel it has the scope of either of these two games. If you stand atop a building in Arkham Knight you can basically see the entire map. Don't get me wrong though, it is still a gorgeous game.

I also thought Dying Light was rather pretty, although not on the same level as the aforementioned games.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I have enjoyed this year in gaming.

MysticStrummer1161d ago

"And the graphics are better than any other open world game."

Absolutely love the game, but I disagree with that.

cpayne931161d ago

lol if you're gonna state that you disagree you might as well name the game that you think looks better.

ThePope1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

The Witcher 3 is by far the best looking open world game.

OpenGL1161d ago

Graphics aren't really that impressive, textures and models are basically identical to the last-gen versions. This of course is the price you pay for 60fps and I'd say the tradeoff is worthwhile.

But on PS4, I'd say The Witcher 3, Infamous: Second Son, and even GTA V look better. Of course, all of these games run at 30fps (or lower)

WellyUK1161d ago

um why are people disagreeing with this? MGSV looks good but it isn't the best looking open world game at all...

Witcher 3, Batman AK and GTA all look better and all have better open worlds.

MysticStrummer1161d ago

"if you're gonna state that you disagree you might as well name the game that you think looks better."

I don't see why. Either you think MGS5 is the best looking open world game or you don't, but TW3, Arkham Knight, and GTA5 all look better imo.

I think MGS5 looks great, don't get me wrong, I just don't think it looks the best. I'm still blown away by the whole experience.

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christian hour1161d ago

The only thign that bugs me about the game (on console at least, probably not present on pc) is the LOD on shadows, there is no shadows in the distance and the LOD is very small, if you look five/ten feet in front of your player character you'll notice them fade in. Other than that, the lighting is incredible and 100% dynamic *drool*.

What really impresses me is how good the game looks despite its framework been built with 360/ps3 in mind. The Fox Engine is one flexible mother...

Dario_DC1161d ago

IMO the best looking open world 3rd person game is Infamous SS. Witcher 3 has nice areas but the characters look a bit ugly, MSG5 looks really good but a bit blocky at some points.

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Adexus1161d ago

Why are Forbes articles still being posted? Quality, not quantity!

Loadedklip1161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

Did you actually read the article? He actually presents a very good case against open world structure and how it's mostly filler wastelands until you get to the real obstacle course.

Then his comparison to Bloodborne/Dark Souls style is spot on. It is open world but every section is an obstacle course. No wasteland thanks to its more stricker design.

cpayne931161d ago

I love the phantom pain, but I'm not a fan of the open world direction games have been going. I would take the design of witcher 2 over 3 personally.

sullynathan1161d ago

@cpayne93 the World design of the Witcher 2 is disgusting and is the smallest in the series. Thank god CDProjektRED didn't go back to it

cpayne931161d ago

Let me rephrase that, I meant to say witcher 1. Level design in open world games gets so bland and repetitive.

guyman1161d ago

It's simply paragraphs and paragraphs of nitpicking without actually making a point.

WeAreLegion1161d ago

Is the flaw that Forbes needs more hits?