I Played 'Until Dawn' So I Could Keep All The Women Alive

Forbes: My mission in playing the new slasher-trope Playstation 4 game, Until Dawn: save all four female characters. Not just the virginal, easy-to-like woman voiced by Heroes’ “Save The Cheerleader, Save the World” Hayden Panettiere, but the slutty one and the bitchy one and the geeky one—each of whom are written as obligatory irritating movie archetypes designed to make you hate them.

That’s the cool thing about Until Dawn. It’s got everything slasher movie fans expect—eight teens alone in a cabin in the woods, complete with its own bad history. Josh (voiced by Mr. Robot’s Rami Malek), on the anniversary of his twin sisters’ mysterious disappearance, invites his hottest, horniest friends back to a cabin to … celebrate? Naturally, the cabin is so secluded, it’s reached via a cable car over a canyon the teens must operate themselves. Ultimately however, the player can subvert some of the slasher genre’s most tired tropes. I know from my share of horror that women, the more sexual and outspoken the better, are destined to end up dead before the end of a horror film. Until Dawn let me change that story.

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MysticStrummer1134d ago

The only one I reeeaaally wanted to save was Ashley. I was devastated when she died, and even more devastated that Emily was the only female survivor of my first play through. I have since saved them all and seen Emily die several different horrible ways, so now I'm at peace.