Hackers taking over latest Mario Kart Wii tournament

The newest Mario Kart Wii tournament went live a few days ago, but unfortunately, some participants took it upon themselves to hack their way to the top. Two racers have submitted ludicrous times - 0.004 and 0.609 seconds.

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sumfood4u3824d ago

Wow i only hack with codebreaker codes offline not online, you have to draw a barrier somewhere! anyways If i had the resources to unlock everything on mario kart off line i would of did it cause more time trials are a bit ridicules!

Gamekilla3825d ago

such hackers would be caught....i'm surprised they haven't been dealt with it already...

then again...nintendo is new to the online market and its problems

Sanhlami3825d ago (Edited 3825d ago )

Nice picture, Heroes' Godsend sign ftw

games4fun3825d ago

waits for hackers to fully exploit wii to the point that i can use downloaded wii games on it.

Then i will buy a wii for the 1-3 games i might want... maybe (still might not be worth buying imo)

caffman3824d ago

you can get it chipped and do that anyway....not that I errr...know

solidsnakus3824d ago

wait... so how do these hacks work? can i download games and burn - play them on wii withought a mod chip?

player9113824d ago

To play retail games, you have to have your Wii's DVD player chipped so it will read regular DVD discs.

Although you can download and play all the VC and WiiWare games right out of the box. You can even create VC games from your old ROM collection if you feel creative.

You can also run Homebrew on it, which includes multiple games and apps including Quake and a WhiteBoard drawing app.

I think they need to remake Mario Paint using the WiiMote.

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Shadow Man3825d ago

Is not a hack, they just found a glitch in the game that allows you to win the race in a short time. I saw it on you tube.

Tsalagi3825d ago

Same thing happened in Mario Kart DS.

sl0w-m03824d ago

I was thinkin about that. I don't even have the game and I know how to do it. It's so simple

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The story is too old to be commented.