Why Pokemon Go Could Change Mobile Gaming Forever

"When Nintendo announced they’d be working on mobile games, no one could’ve expected them to make something like this. Just a few hours ago, Nintendo unveiled to the world a new game for smartphones called Pokemon Go. What exactly is Pokemon Go? Pay attention because whether you’re a Pokemon fan or not, you should be excited for the incredible possibilities this announcement brings."

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princejb1341134d ago

i haven't played pokemon in a long time but i really want this
the concept sounds amazing

blackblades1134d ago

I know right it the gba was my last Nintendo handheld. Still waiting on that collectem game on vita.

3-4-51134d ago

Just got re-back into Pokemon a year ago.

This doesn't interest me at all.

Pokemon on my phone just doesn't sound fun at all, even though I understand why they are doing it.

I'm sure others will enjoy it though. It will make money for Nintendo so that is good, but phone games just don't do it for me.

Agent_00_Revan1134d ago

I'm still amazed that less than 2 years ago, this was an April fool's joke with the Google Maps game. Now, it's freaking real!!

NitrousX1134d ago

Just watched the trailer, from what i've read is a version of ingress but using pokemon. So if you wanted the legenady pokemon you would have to travel to a city, town or go to another continent. I hope Nintendo can execute this in every way. Not sure if I would want to be seen rocking that pokewatch though looks a bit kiddish lol, I'm excited anyway though

princejb1341134d ago

wouldn't be surprised if legendary would be reserved for pokemon events such as in the nintendo store in new york

Tonykid1134d ago

Not really sure about the watch I hope they make an app for Google wear.

italiangamer1134d ago

Nintendo will make so much money from this that they will need a whole new building just to store it lel

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The story is too old to be commented.