Persona 5 Confirmed for Tokyo Game Show 2015 Appearance

Persona 5 has been confirmed to appear at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2015 convention through Sega’s official TGS 2015 website that has been launched.

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robtion1134d ago

Knew this was going to be there. Should be a 2015 release date announced for JP and US. I'm guessing possibly a delay to 2016 for EU but hopefully not.

Can't wait to see more, looks great.

vanity291134d ago

It will be released in 2016 in EU. This was already confirmed and unless they where able to figure stuff out, that's all we know so far.

Eiyuuou1134d ago

Can you possibly share the source of your info? Thanks in advance.

vanity291134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Here's a source from the same fansite that leads to a SCEE magazine:

Then there was also another thing from SEGA and their project releases. It had P5 up for NA and JP in them but nobody found the EU version. Or something.

Well For bros in EU, I advise you to either wait for the game so you can buy it and drive sales, or import then double dip.

UPDATE: John Hardin(AtlusUS) has confirmed 2015 for North America and stated that they are looking for publishers for Europe before anything locks in. Most likely NIS and Square will pick it up.

This interview was a while ago, but it still seems that the game is ready, just needs its publishers and maybe more text translations for multiple languages.

equal_youth1134d ago

If a 2016 release is the case i need to import this game right away from the U.S.

SilverClock1134d ago

Awesome!! Can't wait to burn my bread!!!

DarXyde1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Oh man, this gives me shivers.

I was getting worried, but this is exciting.


It can't be any worse than Chie's suggestion to Nanako that bacon has a place in chocolate. Love Chie, but wow, that is gross.

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