Tech2: MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Hands-On

The sequel to last year's PS3 exclusive offroad racer 'MotorStorm' is just around the corner, and there's much excitement over the new setting the game will adopt. MotorStorm: Pacific Rift will take gamers away from the dirt-laden desert of Monumental Valley, and on to a lush island environment that will offer new terrains to traverse, and a lot more eye candy. Tech2 got the chance to play a "70% complete" build of the game (courtesy of Milestone Interactive) and are pretty pleased by what they have seen so far.

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Carbide74313d ago

OMG!!!!!!! Of course they are pleased with what they've seen!!!! MotorStorm is the pinnacle of off-road racing,the first one made me sh!t bricks,idk what I'd sh!t with pacific rift
And if there's anyone who hasn't played the original,go and play it now,it looks pretty even now and no other racing game with dry out your adrenal glands like motorstorm does

yesah4313d ago

This game will be amazing, i loved MS and cant wait for 2

Milky4312d ago

Motorstorm is soooo good.