GameArena: LittleBigPlanet Hands-On

It's so much more than just a cute little platformer. The easiest way to describe LittleBigPlanet is - imagine you had a box of Lego. You could play with the pre-defined builds and make a sweet Batmobile or racing car, or you could take all the bits you've got and make your own thing. Little Big Planet gives you an almost infinite amount of Lego bricks to play with. And when you finish playing, when you make something cool, you can share it with the world without losing all your bricks.

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Viktor E4392d ago

Another highly anticipated Playstation 3 Exclusive

Tacki4392d ago

LittleBigPlanet is DOOMED! Are we going to believe people who've had actual hands-on time with the game?! OMFG FAILZ!

Each time I read about another hands-on experience somehow find even more reason to be impressed. I haven't seen or heard a single thing about this game that gives me cause to worry about its quality. Without a doubt my most wanted game for this year! :)

SmokingMonkey4392d ago

runner up: RESISTANCE2


uie4rhig4392d ago

definately agree with you Tacki.. i think this might be the FIRST game that is 'PERFECTION' or comes close to it!!

chaostheory4392d ago

What I am most excited about is co-op level creation. I really am not all that artistic but I am really good at designing machines. I hope that I can build all my crazy contraptions and send them to somebody else who can incorporate them into a level. That being said I have a pretty good idea for a Shadow of the Colossus level, which I think will work nicely.

buckethead_X4392d ago

I have the intellect to build all kinds of crazy things, but absolutely no artistic creativity. It gets kind of annoying sometimes >_< but co-op level creating would be great, 'cause I have artsy friends ^-^

zo6_lover274392d ago

OMG were like triplets!!!!! I love to make crazy machines but have no artistic ability

Real Gambler4392d ago

I think that no matter how bad we are (yep, we are now a foursome), LBP will still allow us to create great levels. That's until we take a look at what the most creative guys can make. So here's the plan: we make our own levels and do not look at what other are doing until we are tired of our own creation (hopefully a month or two). Then quite likely, a huge world will be waiting for us. It's a win-win situation in my book

themyk4392d ago

this is beginning to get creepy.

but make it a fivesome.

oh and yes you can just make "things" and publish them just like you do levels.

so i'll be publishing a ton of "things"

CViper4392d ago

Well.. under the GTR.. but still.. its my #1 car! bubbles!

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meepmoopmeep4392d ago

i've already started planning some levels.

all i want is a Sackboy that comes with the LE/CE edition, damnit!

Rayko4392d ago

amazing game, and the only interesting game left this year for PS3.

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The story is too old to be commented.