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When it comes to gameplay, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is undoubtedly the most polished and enjoyable entry in the series. It’s a shame, however, that it entirely abandons the eccentricities, zaniness, and terrific storytelling that this franchise is known for. This doesn’t feel like a Metal Gear game, but rather an entirely new project that series creator Hideo Kojima so obviously wanted to make. It’s just simply called Metal Gear Solid.

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lociefer1161d ago

thought i was the only 1 bothered by big boss not talking alot and how the game feels like the best-un-metal gear solid stealth game ever

seanpitt231161d ago (Edited 1161d ago )

This is not a metal gear solid game as I knew it and I have played them all apart from peace walker. The gameplay is good but the lack of story and direction is killing it for me just loads of missions and occasional boss battles this score is about right not the 10s I have been seeing.

Cy1161d ago

Agreed. This is not a MGS game, especially since most of the story is hidden behind secret "postgame" objectives.

YoKody1161d ago

I can't wait to "meet" Quiet.
You know, meet to meet & greet!