Opinion: The iPhone 6S' 3D Touch Could Potentially Change Gaming As We Know It


Today was a momentous day for Apple, in which the company went beyond the expected and revealed a handful of its known quantities with sizable improvements and new features. Among the products revealed was the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus with some notable improvements, like a much faster GPU and double the RAM of the previous model. These phones will also debut an improvement on touch feedback called 3D Touch and for video games, it could be a major step forward.

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BlackPanther1134d ago

We saw some cool applications for gaming using it. It could add some depth to mobile gaming which would be really cool.

These phones are getting crazy powerful though which is awesome.

emad-E-three1134d ago

iPhones are getting "crazy powerful"?!

BlackPanther1133d ago

They are powerful don't be a blind fanboy.

3-4-51134d ago

Nothing happening on a phone, is going to change gaming forever.

Can't stand these lying articles.

Nodoze1134d ago

Um, no. A 'deeper' Candy Crush but nothing at all significant for core gamers.

Featuring_Dante1134d ago

Stop trying to make it happen. It will NEVER happen. Unless they can make magic batteries that dont run out of juice.

weirdo1134d ago

I have just pre-ordered 3x 128gb models for the kids as they don't want to be without 3d touch. The things we do for love!

Whymii1134d ago

Judging by the disagrees you've got, no-one here gets sarcasm unless it's accompanied by /s

MasterCornholio1134d ago

Those are some pretty expensive kids.

Do you have gold toilets in your house?

Takwin1134d ago

As a 6+ user from day one, the phone is awesome. (I've previously had Galaxy Note 2 and an S of some sort as well).

It's not so awesome or different from the 6+ that I will feel the need to upgrade, but it is an amazing phone.

Having had flagship phones on both sides of the divide, I just prefer the Apple ones (and their tablets as well). Although I BY FAR prefer my gaming PC to any Mac variant.

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