Legend of Legacy: New Trailer and Demo Release

Legend of Legacy is the spiritual sequel to Square’s venerable SaGa series of RPGs – the first title of which was released way back in 1989. Legend of Legacy takes place in the fantasy world of Avalon and allows you to play as one of seven different characters. You can check out a trailer below which reveals the final three of these characters: Owen, Eloise and Filmia. Owen is a combat-ready mercenary nicknamed the “Baron” for his skill. With a talent for long swords, axes and shields, he’s a versatile fighter, but lacks any elemental affinities. Eloise is a beautiful alchemist on a search for eternal youth. She’s well suited for this adventure as well, with an affinity to all the elements and proficiencies with both bow and staff. Fan favorite Filmia is a frog who’s also quite the dancer! He’s also the heir to a lost kingdom, and searching for a home for his ribbiting realm. He’s a dab hand with the spear and, as you’d expect, he has a strong bond with the water element.

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