Fondest Memories from every Playstation System

The Playstation starts its twentieth year and is stronger than ever! To celebrate it’s wonderful history and bright future, fellow A90sKid writer Matthew Hayes and myself will be looking back at our fondest Playstation memories covering every Sony console.

We hope you enjoy this nostalgic overload as much as we did and invite you to leave your favourite Playstation memories in the comments below!

Thanks for clicking, and enjoy the trip down memory lane.

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FallenAngel19841226d ago

I was an N64 kid myself as well. I didn't experience Sony's consoles until PS2 arrived

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swice1225d ago

Having a bazillion demo discs for the PSX and playing them all with my sister.
Also Megaman 8 and Megaman X4, Driver, Gex, FF Tactics, too many.

PS2? Well narrow it down, Ratchet & Clank, plus every RPG on the planet. Also seeing the graphics of the ps2 for the first time blew me away.

My fondest memory of PS3 is dreaming about owning one. Still a dream of mine.

Same for PS4

Selectgamer1225d ago

Those demo discs were HUGE! The first place I played Crash and Tekken were on those discs. Also standing in a Toys R Us and playing Warhawk (after it finally loaded)

I've still never played a Ratchet and Clank, I was on the other systems during PS2's heyday and viewed it as too kiddy, perhaps I'm missing out.

With all of the PS4 hype, now is a great time to buy a PS3 bundle for cheap off of someone looking to upgrade. Then you can check out Gamestop (or EB from Canada) to play through Uncharted and Last of Us for $15 or less!

jznrpg1224d ago

PS1 was awesome, rented a japanese version from a mom and pop shop until US version came out. Loved RE1 TR linked console Doom all nighters Legend of Dragoon etc etc