After 20 Years Of PlayStation, Which Memories Stand Out?

The brand has been going strong for two decades and this month, PlayStation celebrates a big anniversary. Share the wealth of timeless memories.

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DarkOcelet1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

MGS/ Syphon Filter /Gran Turismo /Crash Bandicoot /Spyro/Vagrant Story /Xenogears /Final Fantasy/ Parasite Eve /Resident Evil /Chrono Trigger/Cross /Dino Crisis/Legend Of Dragoon/ Fear Effect/ Twisted Metal/ Mega Man Legends/ Castlevania/ Suikoden/ Legacy Of Kain/ Tomb Raider/ Silent Hill/ Wipeout/ Tekken/ Jak and Daxter /ICO /Shadow Of The Colossus/ Okami/ Obscure/ Rule Of Rose/ Siren/ Dark Cloud/ God Of War/ Black/ Getaway/ Dragon Quest/ Need For Speed Underground/ Disgaea/ Persona/ Prince Of Persia/ Pychonauts/ Bully/ GTA/ Manhunt/ Beyond Good and Evil/ Ratchet And Clank/ Kingdom Hearts/ Devil May Cry/ Sly Cooper/ Resistance/ Killzone/ Bioshock/ Mass Effect/ Uncharted/ The Last Of Us/ Dead Space/ Fallout 3/ Elder Scrolls/ Red Dead Redemption/ Ni No Kuni/ Infamous/Alice Madness Returns/ Portal/ Batman Arkham/ Little Big Planet/ Journey/ Battlefield Bad Company/ Dark Souls/Demon Souls/ Deadly Premonition/ Heavy Rain/ Beyond Two Souls.

Most of the game i listed are usually the whole series that spanned generations not just one game. So many great memories and i probably forgot tons.

awi59511227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Taking 6 failed ps2 back to walmart until walmart stopped taking all ps2 back for everyone. Then you had to send them to sony and they charged me 90 dollars to fix a 130 dollar console. Yes sony is responsible for breaking the console return system and walmart had to change their whole policy because of them. Walmart also started to match serial numbers with the console returned because so many people bought a second console so they could put their old broke one in the box and return it. Untill this day i never got to finish grand theft auto san andreas because my ps2 keep dying on me or corrupting my save files.

DarkOcelet1227d ago

Well, you can get San Andreas for PC. I am pretty sure an average PC can handle it extremely well.

SniperControl1227d ago

I've had my PS2 since launch, apart from a grinding noise when i open and close the DVD tray is works great, in fact i was playing SSX Tricky just the other day on it.

crazychris41241227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Which memories stand out?? Think I could write a whole book but to name a few.

-Getting a PS2 for my birthday which was only a month after the console came out.

-1st big purchase ever was getting a PSP at launch. Then it died that week but I got a replacement the next day. Still have it but the analog stick leans more than the tower in Pisa so I use my 3000 to play games.

-Blown away by the freedom to do almost anything in GTA 3, never finished the game cuz I liked tearing up the city too much with cheat codes.

-Cousin accidentally pulling the controller which was wired so the PS2 fell off my stand and broke in May '05 (Naturally my birthday just passed, didnt have money to replace it after getting a PSP in December) Got the slim for Christmas but it was a long 7 month wait.

-Uncharted 2, top 5 best games Ive ever played

Will add more memories when I pick up a PS4, when I get it is up to Sony. Waiting on a special edition with a great game in a color thats not black, white, gray/silver. Maybe will get it with Uncharted 4 and by maybe I mean they better freaking do it.

level 3601227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

GranTurismo and Tomb Raider on the PS1 ( Silent Hill special mention )

didn't get to own PS2

Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us on the PS3

KingofGambling1227d ago

1.Playing my first JRPG game Suikoden II on the PS1 and beating one of the bosses, Luca Blight. One of my favorite JRPG games of all time. Still waiting for my Suikoden VI Konami.
2.Playing Gran Turismo 3 with my brothers for hours on the PS2.
3.Putting hours into the Dynasty Warriors series with my brother on the PS2.
4.Watching Dvd for the first time on the PS2.
5.Getting the phat version of the PS3 bundle with Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and was very surprise how good the game was.
6.Getting my first platinum in the Godfather II.
7.Playing Street Fight IV with my brothers on the PS3.
8.Seeing Uncharted 2 gameplay from E3 2009 and winning multiple Game of the Year Awards.
9.Watching Heavy Rain and Little Big Planet trailers that showed Sony was willingly take risk in gaming.
10.Seeing Kevin Butler for the first time and representing Sony in a funny way.
11.Platinuming Resistance 3
12.Platinuming Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.
13.Putting hundred of hours into Killzone 3 multiplayer with my friends.
14.Founding out that Naughty Dog was developing The Last of Us at Spikes Video Game Awards.
15.Seeing the first gameplay footage for The Last of Us at E3 2012 and hearing the crowds goes crazy when Ellie threw that brick at the guy and Joel shotgun blast the guy's head off.
16.Seeing The Last of Us be universally praised both by critics and gamers.
17.Witnessing Sony support for the gamers when they announced at E3 2013 that they support used games.
18.Fortune enough to be one of the lucky consumer to owned a PS4 20th Anniversary Edition.
19.Playing Flower and Journey on the PS4.
20.Seeing Sony wowing the crowds at E3 2015 by showing The Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII remake, and Shenmue 3. Sony's trifecta of E3 2015.
.....To Be Continued

digitalpariah1227d ago

I remember watching a friend playing Final Fantasy 9 when it was new and just being so amazed that video games were capable of such vivid story telling. It was the first RPG I ever experienced (with the exception of Pokemon). I bought a PlayStation just to play this game. To this day RPGs are my favorite genre.

Still have that same copy of FF9. The only game I never traded.

WoshJills1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Final Fantasy IX is an absolute masterpiece and the swan song of the series. Everything about the game is a masterpiece: the Easter eggs, the motifs, the themes, the art, the characters, the music, the story, the gameplay. The game took hundreds of hours to complete, and I played it probably 10 times growing up.

It's a shame Final Fantasy 9 was overshadowed by the PlayStation 2 coming out and Final Fantasy 7 on the PlayStation 1 being the first one to go 3D.

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