Apple's So-Called Gaming Console Is A Major Bust

Kotaku: "The tech prophets have taken to the internet’s streets with big signs saying “CONSOLES ARE DOOMED. APPLE IS HERE."

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Relientk771137d ago

Oh don't worry they will release the new one next month

just like how they release a new Iphone every month

noah-kun1137d ago

Dumbest thing I've read today. They have not released a new Apple TV in years and they only release a phone each year.

Kal-V31137d ago

Siri.. look up the definition of "hyperbole"

Inzo1137d ago

uuh, I think he is giving you a good blend of elaboration and sarcasm. What is concerning though is that 10 people agreed with you.

frostypants1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

OK, Drax...

HighResHero1137d ago

I still don't have the one from last month. :(

eferreira1137d ago

Some people on here are just plain ignorant.

JeffGUNZ1137d ago

Huh? They release two different sized iphones a year, that's it. How many Android phones get released in a year? I mean come on man, you don't like Apple that's fine, but why not call out Samsung who releases the Galaxy and then the Galaxy Edge, or Galaxy note?

lipton1011137d ago

A new android comes out like every 30 days, they're a dime a dozen. There's one iPhone per year. And Apple TV? Try 2012 or so for the last iteration. Call me what you want, I love my iPhone and I'll never go back to any other phone manufacturer.

nitus101136d ago

Basically Apple is one company while there there are lots of different companies that use the Android OS in their products. That is why it appears to you that a new Android device comes out every month.

In the smartphone market IOS (the Apple operating system) has only 13.9% of the market while Android has 82.8%.

Don't believe me then look at the following URL:

Remember that is just the smartphone market. The Android OS is on tablets, eReaders, printers, watches and even TV's as well, just to name a few.

Still if you like your iPhone that is fine by me, in fact all my family except for me have iPhones. Personally I don't have any issue with IOS or Android although I do like my Galaxy S4.

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Thatguy-3101137d ago

The people that claim that products like these are going to replace consoles are simply casual players. Someone who is into gaming know that gaming dedicated hardware isn't going anywhere soon. A ps4/xbox player isn't going to go out and throw money at this because it's simply not the same.

noah-kun1137d ago

You can play all the Final Fantasy games up to 7, all the GTA 3 games, Star Wars: KOTOR and tonnes of arcade and console ports on iOS with controller support, and presumably these will be put on the Apple TV App Store too.

It seems like the goal posts for what's "hardcore" keep getting moved as these games are put on devices used by younger or more affluent people than the online gamer community. People will enjoy these now "casual" games on these devices just the same.

Thatguy-3101137d ago

I agree with you that people enjoy these casual experiences but I doubt it's going to replace or even be a threat to the console makers.

Death1137d ago

It's fun to see hardcore gamers ecstatic about "Indies" on their chosen console and then take shots at new systems that can play them. Apple TV isn't hardcore but playing shovelware on a console is? Sound hypocritical to me.

JoeReno1137d ago

200mb storage cap is CRAP. Even for ios games.

Spotie1137d ago

You know what sounds moronic?

Automatically downplaying all indies as shovelware.

Furthermore, there's a difference between a console that's been getting a lot of indies, and one that can only play SOME indies. What would be the point in such a redundant device from a gaming perspective?

What would be the point, Death, when people could play those exact same games on their tablet or phone? There are no exclusives or big budget games coming to this thing, so why would anybody pick it over other devices?

None of what you say is true, and it's hardly relevant. The bottom line is that it's nowhere near able to compete with any of the consoles because it lacks everything that makes consoles desirable.

r2oB1137d ago

@ death

I don't think anyone is taking shots at indie games, its more like taking shots at the people who think console gaming is dead in lieu of mobile phone gaming. I'm sure you can see the difference between a console/PC indie game that core gamers get "estatic" about and a 200MB mobile game, hopefully. Or perhaps you just took this opportunity to troll.

seanpitt231137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

200mb? We must be back in the 90s and I don't know it yet.

blastcorp641137d ago

In my view, a "hard core gamer" is defined more by the time and money invested in gaming and not so much by the content of individual games. PS4 is a sales leader, but I'm sure a big chunk of those sales were from "casual gamers". And they may casually play a game like MGS - my good friend back in the day loved the original MGS on PSX, but he was not really a gamer at all. His library of games was tony hawk, MGS, FFVII, and NCAA football. He never defined himself as someone who games or considered it a hobby.

noah-kun1137d ago

@blastcorp64 It sounds like you are describing an addiction. The amount of time and money someone can spend on gaming isn't decided by their love of games, it's decided by their income level, stage of life and number of responsibilities.

The measure of a game player should be based on their love of the art form alone, anything else is gate-keeping by the current institutions of gamers.

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LifeInNZ1137d ago

Question is, how many of these "casual" gamers will not buy a console like they once did?

Thatguy-3101137d ago

But the games are completely different. If someone is buying a console it's because of the games that aren't available on platforms like the app store. I just don't see someone who usually buys consoles opt out for this. The demographic are polar opposites

Doodleburger1137d ago

Yeah, and the casual market helped Nintendo win last gen in sales, so maybe they're banking on that. Just a thought.

frostypants1137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Yep. Kind of like how people said mobile gaming would end consoles. And of course consoles are now selling more than ever.

lipton1011137d ago

I'll definitely buy it. Just not for games. I love my Apple TV and I've been waiting with much anticipation for the new one.

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BlackPanther1137d ago

1. Apple never claimed it was a gaming console.

2. Anyone who thought that is an idiot. It is a set top box that does casual gaming.

3. And of course Kotaku wrote this.

GHOSTxx4201137d ago

Exactly no one said it was a gaming console.

Takwin1137d ago

Tons of people who don't work at Apple reported it as a gaming console. Like, every news, tech, and gaming site I visit.

Apple showed a lot of games and controllers and talked more about games. That seems like a gaming console, even if it is based on casual app style games.

uth111137d ago (Edited 1137d ago )

Well the media has been saying it would be for the last week or two...

Console killer they said, PS4 is done for , they said.. :P

BlindMango1137d ago

Haha yeah, when I saw it was Kotaku that wrote this I was not surprised in the least

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