PS4 3.00 Beta "Kenshin" Gets a New Update to Squash Some Bugs

There's a new update to the PS4 3.00 beta and it's aptly named "Beta 3."

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madmonkey011133d ago

will download his later, so far the other version seemed stable for a beta.

chrish19901133d ago

Back up saves just in case, mind. It's a mistake I made in the last big update and I lost everything. It was like being made homeles, but marginally worse

Mikelarry1133d ago

Lol i know that feeling, mine actually lied to be that my data had been saved only to try and load them and got the corrupt data

traumadisaster1133d ago

For a second I thought that said kenshi, a kick starter I gave to years ago before there was kickstarters, that's still in alpha.

Shazz1133d ago

friends notifications is still needed for me

ShowanW1133d ago

i've downloaded the beta... and have yet to really dig into it...

my job has been on a lot of projects (show me the $$$) so gaming will not be an option for me for awhile.

the beta tag may be removed by the time i get to it.