Gateway P-7811 FX gaming laptop coming August 14 for $1499

Engadget writes:

"If you've been waiting for Gateway's P-7811 FX gaming laptop, the wait is almost over: it will begin shipping August 14, that is, if an open-lipped Best Buy is to be believed."

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Marceles4313d ago

Dammit...I bought the P-6860FX recently...same price too, I should've waited

GIJeff4313d ago

with 4gb ddr2, dual core, 8800gts 512. Its great and plenty for a programming laptop...especially since i usually stick to 2d :)

Marceles4313d ago

Yeah I have that one...the only thing that would be nice is the 1900x1200 display. The one I have is 1440x900...everything else I really don't care that much about.

TOSgamer4313d ago

Pretty good lappy once I upgrade the Cpu and added a 7200 rpm drive. Its pretty amazing that this would be the 3rd model they release in the line within a year. Oh well can't complain I got mine dirt cheap.

TheIneffableBob4313d ago

For a $1,500 laptop, those are some pretty impressive specs.

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-4313d ago

Just in time for Fallout 3 and the Fall Semester. Definetly gonna check this one out.

apoc6154313d ago

Thats a nice setup for a laptop, ive never really cared for gaming on a laptop though.

yamamoto1144312d ago

Gateway has been making a lot of amazingly valued laptops lately. I'm starting to get scared.

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