Zero Punctuation Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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no_more_heroes1137d ago

Is anyone else able to watch the actual video? All I'm getting is that same bloody 45 second Escapist add on all the videos.

Do I need to register for the site to watch these videos now?

cl19831137d ago

Its working fine for me.

no_more_heroes1136d ago

Its like that for me even on the Edge browser that has no extensions whatsoever on it.

cl19831136d ago

I'm using firefox, and chrome and haven't had any issues

no_more_heroes1136d ago

Even Safari on my Mac gives the same result. Guess I'm just not supposed to watch these videos anymore...

no_more_heroes1136d ago

I contacted the Escapist and they fixed it. All good now.

Takwin1136d ago

He has my favorite videos on gaming. I watch them all. They aren't always the best pure reviews, but that's not their point. They are entertainment based on entertainment. Meta!!!

Are you not entertained?

Unyoked1136d ago

I am quite entertained

dimasok1136d ago ShowReplies(3)
benji1011136d ago

Recently, I have been finding games journalists more and more desperate to get blood from a stone. MGS5 is pretty much perfect. the stuff that annoys people is stupid. " I dont like organizing stuff!". " The story is not complex enough." "too many options..."

What the hell is wrong with people. go play mobile games. Or watch a movie.

rdgneoz31136d ago

Only problems I've had, have been with servers (can't defend my FOB if I can't connect to sh!t... and the menu loading time increase) and the auto sort all staff doesn't see to be completely right (at times I'll have b ranks in 1 group when I have A or A+ in the waiting room, and I hit sort all and nothing changes).

Besides that, it's fun overall (who doesn't like throwing little kids around?). Getting around isn't too hard, as you have your horse, jeep, or delivery box.

assdan1136d ago

There isn't a mechanic in this game that I've disliked. I am a bit annoyed by the unreliable connection to online though.

dimasok1136d ago

Are you for real? Its a great stealth game maybe but the worst MGS ever made.

benji1011136d ago Show
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