Ubisoft Motion Pictures Saving Game Adaptations One Creed at a Time

In 2011, Ubisoft made a major marketing move that might change the way we watch movies based off popular video games forever as the company opened a film division dubbed Ubisoft Motion Pictures. The intention for the opening of the studio was so that the company could retain complete creative control over the film adaptations of their games. This is a major move for the game industry as now they have complete control over their scripts. So what does this mean for the Assassins Creed movie that will be hitting theaters in November next year?

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-Foxtrot1162d ago

We haven't even seen it yet

At least if said it's going to be crap you'd have more credit with the fact all video game adaptations have sucked

The fact they aren't doing the first games story and making up something new, something all past video game films have done shows you they are going in the wrong direction

GreetingsfromCanada1162d ago

Unlike other video game movies, this one has a couple of things going for it. It's cast so far is phenomenal, it blows away most movies. It also stars Micheal Fassbender and is directed by Justin Kurzel, who has a pretty stellar directing record according to rotten tomatoes. The movie is guaranteed to have a big budget and isn't marketing itself as child oriented. Creative control is owned by Ubisoft, but at the same time they aren't doing a direct adaptation. Lastly, the story of AC is one that can translate to a movie format, unlike Super Mario and Mortal Kombat.

-Foxtrot1162d ago

Cast doesn't mean much to be honest. There's been plenty of films with a good cast and even a decent director but they still don't end up to be good movies.

"isn't marketing itself as child oriented"

I don't think Silent Hill or Resident Evil marketed it's self as child orientated, they also had good set-ups which would have translated well on screen...hell a lot of video game films did. Hitman did, Tomb Raider, Max Payne (again films not marketed for children)

" Creative control is owned by Ubisoft"

Yet instead of learning what other video game films do wrong they are still making a completely new story which by the sounds of it is like a reskinned version of Desmonds story. So the question is why not just do the first game and translate it well on screen.

Untill they actually do a film on screen which follows the first games story then we'll never know if it will work but honestly I'm confident that it would.

When I was doing my Media Studies GCSEs one of our pieces of coursework was to take something (or do something new) and write a 5 piece script. I decided to do Resident Evil and I literally flew past it while I played the games. I ended up doing 40 pages because it was that easy and I was like 15. Now whether or not the writing was good is another question but honestly, without tooting my own horn, looking back on it, the thing wasn't that bad.