87.5GB of upcoming Xbox One game install sizes revealed

Finder has some details on this month's Xbox One releases and how much hard drive space they will take up.

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SlappingOysters3233d ago

These are small I reckon compared to the likes of Halo 5 and CoD when they drop.

XanderZane3233d ago

87.5GB is for 5 different games, not one, like the title makes you think. That's not too bad. It doesn't bother me cause I have a 4TB external HD on top of the 500GB. If my 4TB runs out of room, I can just add another 4TB external drive to the XB1. So I think I'm good.

Rookie_Monster3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

From the article
"Few gamers are still getting about on their original 500GB internal hard drive, with many having one (if not more) external hard drives doing the bulk of their storage work. Not a heck of a lot of foresight there Microsoft…"

Wth is this guy talkin about? By providing external HDD of up to the future proof of 16tb and allowing multiple HDD to be used at the same time and also swap out..I say that is extremely well thought-out foresight to me.

SlappingOysters3233d ago

Really? Making people pay third-parties to use the system for its basic functions seems poor form to me. Would it have been that hard to make it 1TB or even 2TB?

They scaled it to match Sony, and so they had a upgrade feature for the Elite, in my opinion.

gangsta_red3233d ago

Well both Sony and MS dropped the ball on this as both systems originally came with 500 HDD.

I have always said that each console should have came with at least 1TB standard!

Godmars2903233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

But MS always intended to make DDL a thing. Where even experimenting with it on the first Xbox.

You mean like when they were selling 20 and 40GB proprietary HHD for the 360 at two to three times the cost of what you could buy off the shelf?

gangsta_red3233d ago


I know which makes it even more puzzling that they would stick a 500 only in their system.

And it's even more puzzling that Sony would too knowing full well from last gen just how large blu-rays and DL was and also when you consider their hand in the entertainment areas with their music and movies.

donthate3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )


Why are you talking about something so long time ago that isn't even relevant now.

Let's face it. MS has the best solution for hard drives of any console manufacturer out there.

Just plug in external drive of your choice and play!

No fuss!

In fact, this solution has the most foresight because you can use multiple external hard drives on the Xbox One.

On the PS4 you can only replace the one internal drive....


I don't see anyone providing 2TB internal hard drives with the console at a reasonable price from any console manufacturer, Sony, Nintendo or MS.

Besides why include a drive and raise the price on you, as you can already get 1TB XBox One with a higher cost.

I would rather just choose the exernal drive myself.

That means options and I don't see the problem. Why do you?

Or do you just want free stuff?

Godmars2903233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

How is Sony in the know about HHD and DDL when they were focused on physical media? By all counts BR can be made to 1TB and larger, yet the PS4's limit is the same 50GB of the PS3.

Meanwhile MS had every intention of starting the X1 off as digital only, central reliance on HHD, and gave it 500GB. Then the external HDD option.

The issue is the same as last gen when game consoles became media devices: user convenience. Simply putting a disc or cart into a platform and expecting to play a game is no longer a thing. More and more devs are relying on day-one patches, forcing consumers to adapt, and not considering the consequences in regards to the general market. If anything between increased online reliance and pre-order BS are narrowing the market. And at some point the average consumer is just going to throw up their hands and walk away.

SlappingOysters3233d ago

I think what makes it even more damning is that Microsoft would have known the install sizes of at the very least its own games when making that hardware call (Sony to). And they would have had data on average games per owner.

But the worst is, MS and Sony should be enforcing a standard for compression. Games that fit on a DVD are suddenly 30GB and that's just laziness.

Gazondaily3233d ago


One offers pretty simple external HDD support with multiple HDD's to be used and the other doesn't. I don't see how you're attributing blame more on MS just because of their old DDl policy? Without DDL the problem still remains?

The Xbox One's storage solution is far superior. How on earth can anyone argue against it?

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Rookie_Monster3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

"How is Sony in the know about HHD and DDL when they were focused on physical media?"
"Meanwhile MS had every intention of starting the X1 off as digital only, central reliance on HHD, and gave it 500GB"

If you haven't already notice....all PS4 games, like XB1 games on bluray disc required ALL THE DISC DATA to be installed on HDD in order to play just the same as DL digital data from the servers for people purchasing the digital copies.

So it doesn't matter if bluray disc is 50gig or 200gig, all the data must be installed on HDD so your point about disc vs Digital is irrelevant as both companies knew from day one that all data needs to be installed on HDD regardless of where the medium came from. So to say Sony didn't know is inaccurate.

You have a PS4, I believed, and you must have had Installed a few games by now so how do you not know that? The fact is both knew how big these games install are but MS have the foresight of allowing external HDD of up to 16tb and easy plug n play swapping is a way better solution than the current internal solution of that Sony is giving to PS4 owners. That is the bottom line.

DarXyde3233d ago

500 GB in either isn't exactly bad if you ask me. Sure, we all likely ran out of space pretty fast, but it did keep the cost of the systems down. An entry price, if you will.

To be fair though, I believe only the original Xbox got it right where you would be very hard pressed to use up all of that space.

Otherwise, PSOne and PS2's standard memory cards were not enough (and neither were GameCube's), 20 or 60 GB in the PS3 definitely would not suffice, the Xbox 360 at 20 GB (Or even NO HDD) totally would never suffice, and now, 500 GB is not enough.

I would say we have fair entry storage, depending on what kind of a gamer you are. They are however making things a bit better with external storage that may work with an old external HDD you have lying around.

deafdani3233d ago

@donthate: actually, Nintendo did the supporting external hard drives thing a full year before the X1 even released. Multiple ones, as well.

I have my Wii U plugged to a 2 TB hdd, and it will be more than enough.

UnHoly_One3233d ago

Sorry but everyone would still be complaining if it was 1 TB.

I guess they could have made it 8 TB and have the console cost 800 bucks but I'm guessing people wouldn't have liked that either.

Instead you give the bare minimum, which will honestly satisfy a bunch of people that only ever own or play a few games at any given time, and let the rest of us upgrade on our own schedule, to our desired amount, at our desired price point.

Seems pretty smart to me.

Godmars2903233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

"Somehow it was first MS blame, and then suddenly it is developers blame and so on."

MS introduced online gaming, patching and updating, to consoles with the first Xbox. Then made HDD installs a thing with the 360 largely because they stayed with DVD over HD-DVD or BR, and the industry followed suit because, hell, no one else was relying on physical media.

You can't after all this time after defending MS for saying, "BR wasn't needed" when releasing the 360 with DVD then compensating for it, limiting the number of discs a game could be put on then the install and requirement of a HDD BS, say that Sony is as much to blame for the shape of things currently. Not when Steam is pretty much the only way to get PC games.

And no, haven't bought a PS4 yet.

kaizokuspy3233d ago

No MS really dropped the ball as they had a disc less system in mind in the first place. With that logic and knowing the install sizes of next gen game they would've come out MS only storage drives that you have to buy separately, which in itself is still shady and crappy of them. Now it's a non issue bc of the backlash, but still it's worth noting that point as most never do. I can't talk too bad about them as I'm full on my 2 terabyte HDD on my ps4. Sigh, digital gaming is rough on my storage space. :(

gangsta_red3233d ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but even on the PS3 almost every game required an install due to the large size of the blu-ray games and you are seriously saying how could sony know?

"How is Sony in the know about HHD and DDL when they were focused on physical media?"

So PSNow, PSPGo, Vue and PSN was all just afterthoughts conceived and revealed to the public on the fly and the day of right?

You have to be kidding me? Every huge multi-billion dollar corporation follows trends and you don't get to be as big as Sony and not know that more people are going digital and downloading media content. So to say they were focused on physical media and had no clue to not put a bigger HDD in their PS4 is baffling and wrong.

More than likely both companies threw in a 500 HHD for cost reasons which is both stingy and inexcusable.

Your statements makes no sense other than for you to put all the blame on MS while defending Sony and excusing them for the same mistakes.

MeliMel3233d ago

even if Xbox scaled back to match Sony, they still give you option of having upto 16tb of additional space. Yes you have to buy external hdd but whats the difference in buying to swap out hhd on PS4? Still buying third party. And also Xbox One has plenty of 1tb skus now.

Godmars2903232d ago

Not trying to put all blame on MS, rather I'm not giving them an equal share for something they started. A trend they "found", moved from PC, while Sony played catch up while still being focused on physical media for games and movies.

"All companies are the same" has been a recurring theme with the Xbox brand. Excuse for mistakes and choices MS have made and pushed on their consumers like XBL Gold and the HD-DVD add on. We've been arguing about those points repeatedly over the years.

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sarahnade3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

That's all well and good. But as the commenter above pointed out, those profits don't go to Microsoft. I think the biggest mistake is not releasing an Xbox branded HDD for those who aren't all that tech-savvy to buy when they run out of space.

beans3233d ago

Thanks Red! Hoping to find a couple come black friday.

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IamTylerDurden13233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

@ gangstared #2.2.1

So xbox along w/seagate releases a proprietary 2TB external hdd for $130.

You can buy a 2TB SSHD (solid state hybrid drive) for your PS4 for $90 and it's at least 3x faster and more efficient. With the 10gb of cloud storage ps+ gives you no one will have to worry about transferring saves.

PS3 and PS4 have always had the best solution, let u swap your hdd and no expensive proprietary storage. I spent $275 on proprietary hdd's for my 360's, bc when i upgraded to the newer 360 after the 1 i had broke i couldn't use the proprietary hdd i had spent $125 for (for the older 360) so i had to buy a 320gb for i believe $150. Pure greed.

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4Sh0w3233d ago

Tyler on X1 there is no need to open up your console & swap out the hdd, plus when you do that on ps4, the old internal hdd cannot be used anymore and all those games need to be re-downloaded onto the new internal. On X1 you just plug and play which means new storage is just added to what you already have, also if you want SSD for X1 its also available, still no opening up your console to swap out your hdd= Microsofts solution is more convenient and more consumer friendly in every way.

RyanDJ3233d ago

I just wish the Xbox official hard drive could, say, download the 360 edition games that are b/c for X1, but be hot-swap transferrable. You know, like that way I could have all my 360 games downloaded/installed on one data pack, but pop it out and plug it into a 360 to keep playing. Make it so easy to take things to friends houses, or the spare TV in the home or such.

babyhand3233d ago

Microsoft might decide to do it. They did it for 360 but the prices are not inline with other brands so it is better for us that know how to upgrade. $100 or more for a 500 gig or less HDD on the 360. I got a 3T for less than 140 at Walmart a few months back.

gangsta_red3233d ago

@ Tyler #2.2.4

Or you can get it for $99


It pays to shop around and find a better deal just like any other consumer or tech savvy person right?

"PS3 and PS4 have always had the best solution,..."

Yawn....good for you and your opinion.

MeliMel3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )


$130? They are $99 on Amazon. Shop around! And on a time crunch people will buy things they couldve have bought cheaper else where.

I bought my 3tb at Gamestop for $130. They had a 5tb next door for same price. Problem is I wasnt gonna make it on tine to buy it. And instead of coming back following day I just bought the 3TB.

Also added my old 500gb hdd from the PS4 I traded. Which not bad after formatting it gave me 475gb to use. Not bad.

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Azzanation3233d ago


The problem is all MS's fault. Don't you see and research before posting? Without MS's progression in technology Sony cannot move forward. They cant take the idea and improve on it. So the PS4 is ok because Xbox hasn't innovated and now PS4 is behind by default. So its all Xboxs fault.

That's how I read these articles. If you haven't notice everything is Xbox's fault. Making Tomb Raider Timed was the worse idea in gaming while making Street Fighter 5 a permanent exclusive is ok.