Up Close and Personal: The PlayStation 4 Destiny Console

Ben from TG writes:
With more and more custom consoles being released these days, Gamers have more choice than ever before when looking at buying a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. These limited edition consoles add a unique flavour to the console and give fans a chance to own a console that celebrates who they are and their favourite games.

Of course we can’t all go out and buy a new console every time a new custom theme is released so that’s why we have decided to launch “Up Close and Personal”. Up Close and Personal with give gamers the chance to get a closer look at these custom beauties, outside of the stock photos that we see when the announcement is made. The first entry in the Up Close and Personal series the excellent Destiny PlayStation 4.

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ZaWarudo1134d ago

Can't wait to pick up my copy! I only wish the controller got some sort of custom design as well.

Derekvinyard131134d ago

Another stupid 500gb console just like the uncharted one coming out. Sony released a 1TB version in eu but not NA is so stupid. 500GB IS NOT ENOUGH period

PSIN4MANT1134d ago

buy a 1tb drive and put it in....?

Josuey1134d ago

Buy a 2TB hardrive from amazon and exchange it yourself SMH.

Thatguy-3101134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

That thing looks a lot more beautiful in person. Sony is going to move a lot of units this month.

1134d ago
1134d ago
PrinceOfAllSaiyans1134d ago

Holy craps that's amazing ! Too bad I hate Destiny.

Der_Kommandant1134d ago

It looks like someone dropped some coffee on it

bleedsoe9mm1134d ago

at first i thought it looked like mine a layer of dust on it

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