'Too Human' Looks to Be the Next Xbox 360 Hit – And it's Not Even Out Yet

Microsoft Game Studios and Canadian developer Silicon Knights – best known for their Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver games – are in the process of releasing a new game, "Too Human," and this one also promises to be a hit.

With more than 900,000 downloads for the action-RPG's Xbox 360 Live demo, the game has had more downloads for its first level than any other action game demo to date, with more plays as well.

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aiphanes4324d ago

When the demo sucked...I get it that the final game might be good...but so far this is not a GOD of war killer or anything on the level of Gears of war..

ElementX4324d ago

This game isn't even in the same genre as God of War or Gears of War, quit flaming.

Genesis54324d ago

I don't know much about this game but I would just like to say. Bring Soul Reaver to the next gen please. Is it to much to ask?

mikeslemonade4324d ago

Of course it has been downloaded and played the most because there are more xbox owners everyday. It's also the summer and with no xbox exclusives for a couple months already.

TheMART4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

When all 360 users that downloaded this demo actually liked the game???

And why are there so many comments from PS3 fans within no time at this article?

Be sure. Too Human isn't a game like the PS3 got. Games like Lair got hyped up as AAA and became the joke of 2007. Games like Haze got hyped up as the Halo 3 killer and became the joke of 2008.

This game will at least get an solid 8

@ Topshelfcheese (below)

Dude, there are just a lot of Sony fanboys jumping on Too Human news every time. I am not saying on personal preference you couldn't like the game.

Have you tried to play it another time? With most people that played I heard they got hooked after they played the game for the 3rd or 4th time and understood the gameplay better.

Topshelfcheese4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

@THE Mart

Why do you care what other people think. Not everyone in the world is going to like every game be it from 360 or PS3 or Wii. I played the demo and its nothing special. The camera is definitely an issue, I'll probably end up buying it when it drops in price.

@Mart again

I understand the gameplay just fine. I had some issues with the camera, and the cutscenes annoyed me a little. Its a flashback, but your wearing whatever you equiped 5 min ago. Its not a bad game, just not a day one buy for me.

BattleAxe4324d ago

This will be alot like Halo in that the game will be mediocre, but will get huge reviews by pro XBOX sites.

silverchode4324d ago

sony fanboys bash xbox games because xbox fanboys bash ps3 games, its the way n4g works.

incogneato4324d ago

Agreed. This is just more fake hype to salvage a game that is confirmed garbage.

ape0074324d ago

this the life in n4g

without fanboys,it's a meaningless site

more fanboys,more fanboys shouts loud n4g admins

classic battles here in n4g

Fiyah3k4324d ago

Own both 360/PS3 & I can honestly say this game is str8 garbage, gameplay sucks, graphics are subpar, plus it's linear & generic.....rather play river city ransom or street fighter 2010 instead. Hurry up gears 2 & GOW3

Rock Bottom4324d ago


Silicon nights didn't make any Soul Reaver game, they only made Legacy of Kain.

Amateurs. >_>

Genesis54324d ago

That's right it's Crystal Dynamics that make Soul Reaver isn't it.

IQUITN4G4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

It's funny though that those that have the good sense to stick to playing the demo a few times, are the ones that realize there is more than first appears with this one.

As first impressions go Too Human is a stinker to some but give it a chance and you will likely be very much looking forward to it's release.

Bags of depth and combo are compelling

xm15e2s4324d ago

Some people played the demo and loved it (like myself).

Some people played the demo and didn't like it.

Some people own a Playstation 3 and feel the need to bash any game that is an Xbox 360 exclusive. These people need to find something better to do. lol

Homicide4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

graphic wise.

Alvadr4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

900,000 downloaded the demo, about 90% of those people thought it was crap. Myself being one of them.

callahan094323d ago

"developer Silicon Knights – best known for their Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver games..."

Shows what these top notch "journalists" know. Crystal Dynamics made every game bearing the Legacy of Kain title except for the first one, Blood Omen in 1996. The franchise was created by Silicon Knights, indeed, but they didn't have anything to do with any games beyond the first.

foodbox4323d ago

You're talking out of your anus pal.

People have been *RAVING* about how terrific the Demo is. Preview after preview (like this one, and the one last week) have been saying how awesome Too Human is.

You **WISH** it wasnt the case, but this article is 100% dead-on: Too Human is going to be a massive hit.

It is a genre-busting RPG/Action/Adventure game -- and it plays great, looks great and has a serious amount of re-playability, depth and innovation...

It is going to be the game that future RPG/Adventure/Action games are measured-by.

Before you run off the Sony-Defence-Force talking points, maybe you should take your head out of your anus and actually **PLAY** the Demo.

It is 100% spectacular.

CrazzyMan4323d ago

that`s just a fact.

hit or not? who cares? well ok, fanboys care, gamers just play games and enjoy, if they like them, no matter what score game gets.

dantesparda4323d ago

It looks like sh!t, plays like sh!t, and runs like sh!t! How could anybody think this game is good? The camera is the worst I've seen in a long time. The framerate is choppy, and the controls are bad. The game is basically just an analog stick masher (yes folks, i've come up with a new term, oh and its copyrighted, and trademarked, :p ). And even the art work is bad. I dont know how anybody could like this game.

Megatron084323d ago

Well Too Human wont sell anything like the other bit sellers of 08 GoW2, Fable 2, GTA4 or even the crap known as MGS4 it will be a million plus seller. It will actually be better the some of the games too (GTA4 ,MGS4 seems 4 is a bad number)

You have to wonder tho do ps3 fanboys love to bash this game cause its just a 360 game or they really just pissed off that they dont get to play it

badz1494323d ago

stop it already with all these claiming like "ALL 360 owners who downloaded the demo loves it" or "most people downloaded the demo said it sucks" or "ps3 owners is bashing the game when all 360 owners love it" etc.! there's no proof for all that and there is no definitive proof either for the number of downloads will project the number of sales!!

people downloaded the demo, and turned out 900,000 or more people did! it's a demo, which is free by the way, of a game which had been in development for 10 years and finally finished and being hyped sky high and it's an exclusive! need more reasons for that? then, some liked it and some hate it and they posted it on the net but those are just opinions - like reviews! so take it with grain of salt!

will Too Human be a hit? maybe or maybe not! though I'm not betting anything on it to be a hit because some major sites gave bad previews for it but why the hell would true gamers be bothered by those? if you like the demo and for you Too Human is good, buy it and enjoy it! for those who hate it, nobody is forcing to buy it, so leave it alone! every game has their own audience! if it's not you, it's somebody else's!

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Rob0g0rilla4324d ago

The demo put me to sleep. Very boring gameplay.

PimpDaddy4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

My 360 Gamertag and PSN ID are listed. I don't believe you tried the demo let alone own a 360.

On topic: I didn't really care about this game one way or the other till I tried the demo. It took a while to get used to attacking with the right analog instead of using it for camera functionality. I almost beat the demo without ever switching weapons either. Once I switched weapons and learned the combat system I was hooked.

Edit: Rob0g0rilla- You obviously do care because you took the time to respond. I called you out. Show us proof you own a 360 or that you actually played the demo. What do you have to lose? Try to at least show that your comment has some credibility.

Eidt: elitewh0re- Because then he would be exposed. He can go to download a pic or go to a friends house to do a pic. But if he showed a gamertag then we could actually message him or know what games he has or is playing.

tweaker4324d ago

I agree with Rob0g0rilla. The demo is boring.

NowGen4324d ago

how so? from the start this game has been ridiculed and put on blast for too many reasons to mention. so now its getting a little positive exposure and its over hype!

Rob0g0rilla4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

NVM. Lol, I'll take a pic.

Here you go Pimp.
It's a pretty sh!tty picture but it's better then nothing, right?

Deleted the demo awhile ago. Didn't like it.


Yes, my opinion. You might of missed that. I think a lot of people did. Played this demo 3 times and deleted it.

Anyone can make a gamertag. But here it is anyways. Bizarr0oo

Lol, don't get butthurt over my opinion.

PimpDaddy message me. Your hilarious. I'm playing Mortal Kombat. Go ahead and message me. Your making yourself look like a fool.

elitewh0re4324d ago

why bother taking a pic? all you need is a gamertag

rubarb234324d ago

totally agree dude. some people are useless twats and just want to see games fail or certain things in general fail. why would someone want that? i was looking forward to this game and then all the bad press came in. i admit i was believing all the negative press, but playing the demo......damn man, that's all i can say. i loved it!
sure this game may not be for everyone, but then again that's how it is with everything in life....what i like, you may not like. but in the end i really do think all those haters need to give this game a try. and not a 'played for 5 minutes' kinda try, but have a sit down, relax and chill with it. man i tried all the classes, berserker rules!!!, and i love how they each play differently. day 1 buy for me!

Montrealien4324d ago

This is what I've been seeing..

"-I didn't like the demo, it sucks and is surely an over hyped flop.

-Wait, what?!, you don't believe me?? Look, look, I got picks, my opinion is valid now and if I say it sucks and is over hyped, it sucks and is over hyped!"

It is getting sad really, can we just accept the fact that we are all snow flakes and have different tastes? I like the game, some people I've seen here also like it and can't wait to play it, can we be mature enough to respect the game zone at least?

I respect the fact that some of you don't like it but can you pls stop shoving your opinion in our throats like it word from god himself? this is absurd.

PimpDaddy4324d ago

I apologize. I stand corrected. I got your messages on Live and saw the pics. Please forgive me. Alot of people run around on N4G pretending like they own one console or the other or both and flame on some game or console that they have never experienced.

I can admit when I am wrong. Thank you for taking the time to set me straight.

I still disagree with your opinion about Too Human. But now I at least respect it as a real opinion.

thenickel4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

I disagree with you Robo and think your full of it personally. This game is going to sell and there wasn't any point during the demo where i found the game to be boring.

ChampIDC4324d ago

Nice to see two people work out things reasonably instead of a flame war. That's certainly a rarity on this site. Props to you guys.

Now on topic, the game definitley has its flaws, and after all the bad press, I was starting to regret my pre-order. I'm glad they brought the demo out as early as they did, because that changed my mind. I did rather enjoy the demo. I feel its reviews will be somewhere in the 8's when it comes out.

kazuma4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

@ thenickel
dwd it's all about opinions.

go to the game critics awards site and check out the game that stood out with the most nominations this e3. lbp. THEY seem to find lbp NOT boring, and lots of ppl don't find it either.
lots of ppl don't like too human, anything wrong with that?

u really show ur true colors with that comment.

edit: u seem to have removed a big part of ur comment...oh well.

thenickel4324d ago

No I was trying to be a jerk like the guys above me but couldn't go through with it. LBP will be just fine and theres nothing wrong with people not liking Too Human just like there would be nothing wrong with people disliking LBP. Anyways let's stick to topic and get out of this flame bait mode set by the 1st few comments.

Have you played the demo Kazuma? And if so what do you think of it?

kazuma4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

yeah i played it, at the beggining i didn't really liked it but i gave it a few more tries too to try out the different classes, and i enjoyed it. it is a good demo, and perhaps a good game, can't really say without playing the full version.
it took a lot of flak because of those lame e3 showings, that dyack vs epic crap, and all that stuff. he should have just shut up and made the game.
but there's something that seems to affect only me: THAT FREAKING ANNOYING JUMP ANIMATION! lol. honestly is it just me? the guy looks really weird when he's jumping.

also my first post, don't take it too seriously, i was just replying in the same way u replied to them.

IaMs124323d ago

Every game is, whenever i get excited for a game and i go look at Screenshots and little trailers and stuff i get hyped up of course... but the game is never how i thought or felt it would be and then when i play the game its not and im disappointed... well ive stopped doing that now and now whenever i play a game that is suppose to be awesome i really think its awesome... I hope i was able to explain that lol might be little confusing and i hope you all get what im trying to say... :)

anyway i just redownloaded it and giving it another shot and to really see if you get hooked after a couple of trys..

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clintos594324d ago

Nothing mind blowing but it was pretty fun. The thing I find funny is how some sites like this make it look like it is amazing but when Killzone 2 is being talked about there quick to say stuff like what is innovative about it, and so the same comes for this game, where are those questions since the demo I played I didnt find nuttin special about it but it was fun? Ill prolly buy this game but please lets not go over our heads over a few downloads. Did it ever consider to u that maybe many of those people who downloaded it was also dissappointed for example like how tons of people downloaded haze, but that game sucked a$$ but it did have alot of people download it to try it out. Im just saying that just because many people downloaded the game doesnt mean all of them will enjoy it.

Viktor E4324d ago

Too Human is destined for Failure

Carbide74324d ago

Lol,I haven't played it,I have no idea how it plays,one thing I know for sure is that it does look like crap

Montrealien4324d ago

Put your money where your mouth is Queefy, if it is a success, I vote you leave N4G, and take all your accounts with you.

TheMART4324d ago




Welcome back, lets see how fast we got your new account banned again

The Almighty PS3rd4324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

nieto, Atomic and Viktor E are all Nasim.

Nasim is the most Anti-American, screwed up in the head PS3rd droid you could ever imagine.

He HATES KNOWING the PS3 has failed this generation.

Nasim is a obsessed PS3rd freak.

He still loses. No amount of accounts will make the PS3 as good as the 360. Everything about the Xbox 360 is superior. Even Blu ray gives the dumb PS3rd droids 5GB installs. hahahahhahahah

Every game on PS3 runs like CRAP compared to the Xbox 360.

One game has trophies. hahahhahahahah

Look at the new video store on PSN and compare it to what the 360 has hahahahahhahaha It's an absolute joke.

PS3rd 4 EVA!!! XboX 360 will still be out well beyond the next Xbox being released. I will be playing tons of the huge libray of 360 games there are/will be with backwards compatability on the next Xbox...that will lead the next generation all over again.

bennyace4324d ago

How too human is going to fail but, killzone is going to succeed (just like haze did!!!...) quit crying and go wait for HOME.

Snukadaman4324d ago

What is more alarming about nasim is he has been doing this even before the ps3's release....nonstop think someone with the time would actually be everywhere on the internet with dozens of accounts doing what he is doing for free....i swear i hope he is getting paid by sony to spread his bullsh*t because if he is just a sony fanatic for free its really quite alarming...hey mart what happened to you as well..did you also get banned for awhile?

eagle214324d ago

The only thing that has failed this generation is 33%-100% of 360's, hd dvd, 360 in Japan, zune (hey, they put em' in gamestop with, etc.....

Go cry bots! :)

morganfell4324d ago

What idiot wrote this article and who are the people that approved it? Take a look dummies:

or here:

or here:

Now look at the article again:

" known for their Legacy of Kain and Soul Reaver games"

Really? What Soul Reaver game? And a game does not mean 'games' in the plural form.

For the uninitiated, Blood Omen is nothing compared to the Soul Reaver games made by a truly talented development team - Crystal Dynamics. Incidentally CD also knows how to make an auto camera. Something of which SK has demonstrated total ignorance.

t-0_ot-4324d ago

@Carbide7 - Don't judge a game solely on it's graphics.. remember Lair? Lol.

Pain4323d ago

buying the press is always funny.

To Human Sucks and no matter how much people try its HAzE (Sorry) for xbox2.

but as-long as u in-denial Xbot kids keep telling your self's..."To Human is Good" To Human is Great!" its must be its on the Xbox.... rinse and repeat over n over n over n over

Wakka_4323d ago

This is a bigger failure than me losing ten years in a row, ya?

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Old Snake4324d ago

I'd be nice if I could control my own camera