Why Persona 5 is one of the most Important Japanese Games of 2015

Atlus has reconfirmed that Persona 5 is launching this year in Japan and North America. PlayerEssence breaks down why this is one of the most important game releases for the industry in 2015.

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no_more_heroes1847d ago

The only game other than Halo 5 that I'm absolutely getting this fall. Everything else is a maybe.

jon_snow1846d ago

One of the best and critically acclaimed RPG is back.
Hope there is limited or special edition, Only game after bloodborne I will buy such limited edition.

styferion1846d ago

I'm not one who usually pre order games let alone buy collector editions, but this is the one I'll absolutely buy a collector edition of no matter what the score is.

Erogemaster21846d ago (Edited 1846d ago )

No Nocturne or Shin megami tensei love. Also didnt know bro shooter jobbers loved JRPGs usually those guys are a bunch of pro American idiots.

no_more_heroes1846d ago

I am neither American nor an idiot, good sir. I am born and raised Jamaican. I just live here now.

Also, interesting, isn't it? I actually don't fall into the stereotypes people like to label others with. I am neither dudebro nor weeaboo, I'm just here to play games and enjoy doing so.

I'm new to Persona thanks to Let's Plays (yes, Let's Plays *gasp*) and I'm also starting to get into Halo's expanded universe, since its (way) more than just the games.

Germany71847d ago

Can't wait for this game and i really want to play this year.

NukaCola1847d ago

It's so hard to believe that this game will be out this year, but I wait excited and patiently for it :)

freshslicepizza1846d ago

yes, it does look good and most people will tell you the games are good too.

DragonDDark1846d ago

You've been acting like a gamer lately. Thanks for stopping the fanboyism.

killacal131846d ago

I hope it really releases this year, there hasn't been any news regarding this title in a while. Day 1 for me

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The story is too old to be commented.