Xenoblade Chronicles X Special Edition Pre-orders are live on Gamestop

When the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles X was announced at PAX Prime 2015, it sold out on Amazon within 4 hours. If you didn't get a chance to get your copy, you've got it now!!!

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wonderfulmonkeyman1134d ago

It's a beautiful set. That little USB is especially nifty-looking!
Shame I'm too poor to afford it.XD

LAWSON721134d ago

And it is gone awesome!

addictedtochaos1134d ago

Hopefully they do in store pre-orders so we won't have to contend with as many scalpers.

JacketsNest1011134d ago

Gamestop limits purchases of collectors editions to one per person, so scalpers are never an issue.

N4g_null1133d ago

I just want the game let the scalpers scalp.

JacketsNest1011133d ago

I wish this would have been approved faster, it would have helped some people get a copy.