A Look Back at the Best and Worst of Destiny Year One

Destiny has had one long year, let's take a look back.

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Zotaku871133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

This is one of those rabbit holes I feel like I could have easily fallen down, and I'm kind of glad I didn't.

GigawattConduit1133d ago

There's no escape...soon, Destiny will come for you...just like the others.

FITgamer1133d ago

Lol i've been seriously considering picking up the Legendary edition. The changes make it much more appealing, plus your getting around $135 worth of content for $60. So much coming out this year though. Don't think i'd have time to play it.

SolidGear31133d ago

I'm eventually taking the plunge with Taken King: Legendary Edition. I've only played the beta and that's it.

idsanty1133d ago

I'm doing it. I'm getting into Destiny.

EdMcGlone1133d ago

If you like MMOs you'll be into it

GigawattConduit1133d ago

Yessssss, join us, Guardian.

Allsystemgamer1133d ago

The best. The gunplay

The worst. Everything else.

JWiLL5521133d ago

But damn is that gunplay good.

Also, I think you can include the art/graphics/effects/etc as some of the best. The 18 GB update yesterday also seems to have included some stealth improvements to lighting and textures.

Allsystemgamer1133d ago

It looks slightly better but it's still not amazing. I mean it's clearly held back by last gen.

MysticStrummer1133d ago

"I mean it's clearly held back by last gen."

Yeah it was so held back that a 360 owner saw some of my PS4 Destiny YouTube videos, which are only 720p, and immediately said he could see big differences.