Halo 5: Guardians Won’t Have Map Voting or Veto System

343 Industries won’t allow players to vote on maps in Halo 5: Guardians.

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aviator1891162d ago

perfectly fine with me if it means I don't constantly see people voting for the same maps over and over again.

GenuineGamer1162d ago

Good point. This way maps get a good rotation.

snipes1011161d ago

Seriously. I feel like I'm playing the same three or four maps in the master chief collection because of this.

ImAPotato1162d ago

So true, hate when I have no choice but to keep playing the same map over and over again because the majority want it. This way there is a good rotation

Automatic791162d ago

Well said aviator189, I was thinking the same thing one reason why I take long breaks in online multiplayer shooters, I get tired of seeing the same.

TXIDarkAvenger1162d ago

Not only the maps but also game modes. I found people usually voting for slayer rather then something like CTF over and over again.

3-4-51162d ago (Edited 1162d ago )

Random is better, that way we aren't stuck playing the Pit 6 games in a row or something. (Pit is a good map though)

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81BX1162d ago

Yeah blops2 shows what happens when a voting system is in place.

Dlacy13g1162d ago

ugghh...Nuketown, the map that supposedly we the consumer want brought back for every COD game as a bonus.

OOMagnum1162d ago

Great choice. 343 has brought back variety to Halo mp.

pivotplease1162d ago

At first I was like oh no...first split screen and now this? But then I realized that the voting system kind of sucked and you never got to play the majority of the maps because of it. Good choice 343. Leave map repetition to custom games.

OOMagnum1162d ago

Agreed. Im in a great mood have a bub!

Paytaa1162d ago

I like this better since it allows every map to be played. In Halo 3 it's always The Pit, Guardian, or Construct ( I'll admit I usually vote for those) and Halo 4 is usually only Haven or Skyline.

So far Halo 5's map design is on point and I personally can't wait to try out The Rig and Fathom

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The story is too old to be commented.