Michibiku Review: Stumbling through scenarios in Steins;Gate

Michibiku's Jenni Lada writes, "If you’re willing to push forward, you’ll find an extraordinary game hiding within Steins;Gate. Sadly, it’s buried, and only the most dedicated will go far enough down the rabbit hole to reach the wonderland at the end. As for the rest, they may well be turned off by a lackluster localization, unlikable protagonist and minimal interactions."

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TheLastGuardian1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Lackluster localization and unlikeable protagonist? I really enjoyed the Japanese voice acting and wouldn't want any other voice for Mayushii. I thought Okabe was a brilliant protagonist. The beginning of the game is slow sure, but it's so worth it once you reach chapter 5 and can't stop playing until you've seen every ending. Two of the endings even moved me to tears. Steins;Gate is a masterpiece in storytelling, the artwork, characters and music are fantastic as well.

nodim1137d ago

Well, that does look like pretty much an otome oriented website so it's no wonder that they rate Amnesia, for example, a lot higher than SG, as absurd as it may sound.