The Witcher 3's $81 Million Budget & Sales Figures Breakdown

GamersNexus: "The Witcher 3 has been, alongside GTA V, one of the biggest releases of the year. The game has seen one million PC activations via the company's GOG Galaxy service, netting a profit of $62.5 million USD in 1H15. First-half net profit of the Witcher 3 grew 768% over 2011 + 2012 revenue."

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DarkOcelet1133d ago

666% !?

Spawns Of Satan Confirmed!

Jk, on topic: I am glad The Witcher 3 is a success to show developers that single player only games still sell well especially when they are done right.

Magicite1133d ago

No multiplayer, check
No DRM, check
No paid DLC, check
+ tons of content, new game plus and constant patches/fixes makes this game of a great value.

sullynathan1133d ago

Eh Skyrim and GTA V already did that. What do you think was the main influence for all these recent games like Witcher 3 going open world?

--bienio--1133d ago

All without DRM. Other publishers please take note.

AquarianKing1133d ago

Definitely a contender for GOTY! Witcher 3, MGS5, Blood Borne, and Fallout 4!!!! Who's gonna take the crown?

DoctorFry1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Yeeeeahhh... Bloodborne isn't worthy enough to even be on the same list as those other games you mentioned, let alone receive a GOTY award.

madmonkey011133d ago

completely different style of game, not all GOTY have to be open world.

DoctorFry1133d ago

Not my point. Bloodborne is nowhere near as good as those other games.

AquarianKing1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Are you serious? Its already a contender. Bloodborne was one of the best games this year and getting review scores over 90% just like MGS5 and Witcher 3. It's up there with Dark/Demon souls. One of the best and hardest RPG action game out this year. Bloodborne brings new twists to the Souls experience, but stays true to most of what made those games so timeless. Ditching the Medieval trappings of the Souls games, Bloodborne takes us to a sprawling, Gothic landscape. The same elements of Demon’s Souls. If it doesn't win GOTY it will definitely win PS4 GOTY

DoctorFry1133d ago

I just don't see Bloodborne winning, that's all. Witcher 3, MGSV, and Fallout 4 will be the big three this year. They're all heavy hitters.

I'm sure Bloodborne will receive some GOTY awards from minor outlets though.

Magicite1133d ago

Bloodborne has more chances than Fallout 4, because it has proved itself already.

WellyUK1133d ago

it's subjective... For me MGSV isn't good enough to be a contender either but it will be. Bloodborne and Witcher 3 definitely are as they are both great games. Witcher 3 is my GOTY though so far.

sullynathan1133d ago

Yeah, unlike those games bloodborne is actually good and doesn't rely on unreleased hype.

ssj271133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Bloodborne is definitely one of the best games I have ever play (playing since atari era). to the level of deamons souls, which for me was more addicting and entertainment than Uncharted 2 a great game super goty of everything, I remember the two games came out near eachother and I couldn't stop thinking and playing deamons soul's. . I had to finish it before I could started to play uncharted 2.

I haven't play witcher 3 or metal gear ( just platinum bloodborne and now I will soon get into metal gear, i loved metal gear 4) but did saw live streams of them this last few days.. i did try witcher gameplay on e3 few years ago and the gameplay seem empty uninspired. Like a free to play game, not aure how much better this last one is but from the steams it just seem like another assasins creed in term of gameplay.. If the gameplay is not good I can't enjoy the game. For example bloodborn gameplay is very satisfying and nobody can't argue that.. but games like batman, assasin creed, witcher etc are very basic non skill based and very boring, I have rather them to avoid it in the next game because it add noting for me, just a waste of time. But sure the history mode is entertaining in those game and it help me to continue playing regardless their boring gameplay. but for me you can't be a goty if your gameplay is not the best or near it combined with the whole package.

After all this is a game and the most important thing is the whole package and after that... gameplay. witch is why for example Killzone 2 is so acclaimed and rewarding, it has the best gameplay in any shooter untill today. The campaign was fun because of it and the multiplayer was super fun.

Sure bloodborne can work a little more in history telling but they are going there, bloodborne explains everything well in a very weird way if you play attention. deamons souls did a worse job in history telling. So they are getting there. Maybe next time they will also nail history telling hopefully. And if not bloodborne history telling was good enough, weird and unusual but understandable.

maybe I'm been unfair ( because I havent try the other game, but to be honest I dont need to, because I know about them and have seem them.. using common sense. . bloodborne is on it own and goty of this year. no other game have made punch the wall and pull my hair like 50 times lol

I dont understand why they haven't make a dragon ball game like soul's system but with a dragol ball gameplay .. it's rewarding challenging and every time as a character just like in dragon ball we keep leveling up just to keep fighting stronger new enemies. It's the perfect fit.

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Magicite1133d ago

+ Persona 5 if it gets localized this year.

MasterD9191133d ago

Metal Gear V I believe...I mean, it really is a hell of a game.

But secretly, I'm pulling for Fallout 4. It's a huge improvement over Fallout 3 and I believe Fallout 3 got GOTY a while back.