343 Industries talks Halo 5's multiple worlds, co-op and new characters

Among all of the shooters in the gaming industry today, Halo's main campaign has always carried with it a greater sense of meaning. Master Chief has been at the center of the Halo narrative for years and with this October's Halo 5 about to arrive next month, players will have the opportunity to see this famed franchise in a new light.

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christocolus1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

"It’s the biggest story we’ve ever told in Halo; it’s galactic in scale. We’ll take you across multiple worlds in the Halo galaxy, and as we tell it, we’ll also introduce a number of characters -- new characters that have never [been] in the series before, as well as familiar faces returning for Halo 5," Holmes said.

Man this is so awesome. Cant wait to play Halo 5's campaign.

Paytaa1160d ago

Right on. October 27th cannot come fast enough. Already put in my PTO time to have a couple days to play this bad boy to death.

3-4-51160d ago

Can't wait to play this. 7 weeks

Rimeskeem1160d ago

I am still incredibly confused on the coop, how many players online, story and other modes? Splitscreen? please someone help!

shloobmm31160d ago

its 4 player co op i believe

bobsmith1160d ago

4 player campaign with 3 other people online. if theres firefight or spartan ops probably the same. no splitscreen

Eliseo6761160d ago

Campaign is single player or 2-4 online only drop in/drop out co-op. No splitscreen in campaign.

It was announced that they dropped multiplayer splitscreen not long ago, however it seems they were trying to implement it at first.

ThePope1160d ago

Wait it's no split screen co op? I thought that was just MP?

shloobmm31160d ago

They didnt wanna have to tone the graphics down or cut the frame rate down and campaign is much more demanding then multiplayer in games.

chrisx1160d ago

This looks like a halo game I will totally Enjoy in every meaning of the word

user99502791160d ago

My most anticipated title right now. Once it releases, not buying any other games until I'm good and ready to put it down. Might be a while.

That Warzone is calling me...

kaizokuspy1160d ago

I don't like the direction 343 took halo with halo 4. The story was pretty bad and the multiplayer wasnt even halo anymore. Though it seems they are back on track with halo 5, I'm still skeptical of them taking the story off master chief and putting it on someone else. Just my thoughts.

OpieWinston1160d ago

The story was pretty bad? Yeah bringing Forerunner and one of the best characters in the games in a prime spot through the Campaign and side story of Spartan Ops (Halsey)..... Pretty bad right?

Thanks for your thoughts. You're far off, but thanks for them.

kaizokuspy1159d ago

Yeah it was bad to me. It's subjective and it's my opinion. I also thought halo 2 had an awful story. Multiplayer was phenomenal but the story was bad. Just because you're so enamored by the story and get into all the lore and access terminals and what not does not mean everyone does. I didn't care for it as halo 4 just did not fundamentally play like any halo. They made it too much like cod. So yeah, that opinion is also subjective but others view it as the same. It's cool to disagree, but to come out and argue your point childishly is really sad. Bringing the forerunner into the story was brief in comparison to how bad the actual enemy threat was compared to covenant, flood, etc.etc.etc. I could go on, but I don't really need to continue telling you why I didn't like the game, because at the end of the day it could be a 10/10 for most but I as in me, not you, did not enjoy that campaign and felt they missed the mark. So yeah, thanks for your thoughts on my subjective opinion for my own personal taste, too bad you're a shit person to realize I wasn't bashing it, but explaining my skepticism for the new halo. Way to show your hive mind mentality. Good to know who the clever ones are ;)

shloobmm31160d ago

4 easily had the best story of any of the Halo's yet.

kaizokuspy1159d ago

I can understand that for others, but for me, the enemies and the story fell short. My only real gripe outside of that was multiplayer armor abilities and it just didn't feel like halo to me. Halo 5 looks way better and seem a return to true halo form, but like I said, I'll wait to hear more about the story before I buy it. Thanks for your enthusiasm though.