20° Fallout 3 Preview writes:

"Perhaps the biggest surprise for me was the fact that when I got to Bethesda on Thursday, for my last appointment of E3, I got to play around a half-hour of Fallout 3. There were a few restrictions on what we could or could not write about, but I jumped right into it to the point of forgetting to write anything down."

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TheMART4360d ago

"Old: (16 minutes ago)
July 23rd, it's about 10 days old. 1-7 days old is cool.
Reported by: Cyrus365 "

Stop the bullsh!t reports! You shouldn't belong here.

The game is out in Fall, so any news/previews on this game are welcomed by gamers. And 10 days old, WTF are you talking about? If it hasn't been on N4G, it is still news. If you were talking about 10 months old I could agree, but these kind of reports are getting out of hand.

Sony sucks balls4360d ago

Is Killzone 2 out yet ? E3 05