Why Destiny Should (and Shouldn't) Release for PC

Today marks the one year anniversary of Destiny's release, and although the game has been a huge hit on consoles, PC gamers are still left out in the cold. Here are the reasons why that might not be such a bad thing, and why Destiny should still come to PC anyway.

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Razputin1135d ago

I'd love to see this game on PC.

Love it on PS4 (though its a lacking base game and grind fest), but better graphical options overall and faster load times would be a huge welcome.

AzubuEntus1135d ago

It's only a matter of time until it does come to PC. :)

freshslicepizza1134d ago

why bother with older gen systems and not the pc? it's not like it would be a huge undertaking, not after making it for the ps3 which is much harder to do than the xbox 360, ps4 and xbox one.

Sieg1134d ago

Would play it on the console if it weren't for the controller and 30fps. I personally can't use a controller for fps since growing up mostly playing on pc. After years of CS on crt and now 144hz. It's really hard to go to 30fps.

Seafort1135d ago

Personally I couldn't give a crap if Destiny came to PC or not. Bungie have shown their arrogance in thinking that their fanbase will buy anything they develop no questions asked and at any price.

Sorry but I'm sick of greedy publishers and developers nowadays.

The game seems like a ridiculous grind to get a few changes to your stats.

IMO it won't be worth the time and effort gamers put into the game for what they get out of it.

So I'll pass.

cr33ping_death1135d ago

the " i dont give a crap but ill still give my opinion" post. you give a crap ;)

Antifan1135d ago

You mean Activision? I'm pretty sure it was their idea to turn Destiny into a slot machine, and charge an arm and leg for it.

Paytaa1135d ago

Bungie signed the contract. They sold out for the almighty dollar. It isn't even the same Bungie that made Halo.

As long as people keep feeding the cash cow it's never going to get better.

3 years ago I would defend Bungie to death, now I condemn basically everything they do. What them and Activision do is what plagues this industry.

WellyUK1135d ago

You say that now but PC players would jump on this like chocolate cake... The amount of PC players I hear saying they would love Destiny on PC is insane.

Meltic1135d ago

in 2 years this will prob come out not until then.

pandehz1135d ago

Bungie will release Destiny on PC when there is enough content.

Destiny content on pc will be burnt through with a kb/mouse.

OverdosedWitDopeness1135d ago

It would actually be much better on PC they seriously need to fix the dead zone and turning speed on consoles wouldn't be an issue for PC with kb/m.

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