The “Greatest Line Up In Xbox History” Is It Becoming A Reality For Microsoft?

In this article ThisGenGaming looks at Xbox's 2015 line up, and talks about whether or not this line up could actually end up being their greatest line up for Xbox ever or is it just a hype statement to sell everyone on their exclusives for the fall period? ThisGenGaming answers this question, and much more in this article.

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TheGreatGamer1133d ago

It's obviously PR tactics but when you have Forza 6, Halo 5, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Fable Legends, Gears, and more leading your holiday line-up it's obviously an impressive lineup but best in Xbox history is a subjective thing because people will have different answers. On top of that, they might have to recycle the slogan next year because 2016's exclusive lineup is looking just as impressive if not more impressive than this year's lineup!

suckingeggs1133d ago

Next year's line up is looking better more new ips

Every game this holiday is from a known franchise.. New ips gets the juices flowing

TheGreatGamer1133d ago

Don't understand the problem some people have with 'known franchises' Forza, Halo, Gears, Fable, Tomb Raider are all established franchises but that isn't a bad thing for the lineup this year, fact is these big franchises are a very big decision when it comes to choosing Xbox or PS4 and I'm glad to be getting more entries in these tried-and-true franchises. Having said that, next year does look like a big year for Xbox One with all new IP's

FlexLuger1133d ago

I agree. I think that this years lineup serves the purp[ose of getting X360 owners to make the jump. BC, halo: MCC, gears, halo 5 and forza 6 are smart calls to bring those X360 gamers over. Next year is all about new IPs and the technical precedent Crackdown is going to set for future XB1 exclusives.

christocolus1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )


You are right. There's a lot of new ip in MS 2016 lineup.

Quantum Break
Sea of Thieves

Pressplay and Twisted Pixel will most likely release their games in 2016,both studios are working on new stuff and Lionhead is working on something new too(not fable related) also Phil hinted that Playgrounds next game might be different.could be something new.

user99502791133d ago

While I agree new IPs are great, I can depend on Forza and Halo to be incredible games with serious legs. Along with the insane multiplat lineup, games like gigantic, Elite Dangerous and Fable are just really nice padding.

In any case, I dont think anybody who is into shooting games can be disappointed this holiday. Rainbow Six, Halo 5, Battlefront and Fallout just about cover all bases imaginable.

Rookie_Monster1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Great games are great games regardless if it is known franchises or New IP.

If Nintendo would release a new Mario galaxy, Zelda, Metroid, and Star Fox in a single year and Sony releases Uncharted, GT7, GOW4 in a single year....what would people say then?

IMO, both this year and next year, MS is making xbox owners happy with an onslaught of AAA games. Their last 4 major releases, Ori, Rare Replay, Gears Ultimate, and Forza 6 are all highly rated games that people love so we know the quality will be there. That is what is important and not whether it is an established or new IP.

Septic1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

People like to downplay the big titles but that's because they are just that, big to titles. They rate highly (look at Forza 6) and they are console sellers (Halo).

But the best lineup in history carries over to 2016.

Halo 5
Forza 6
Tomb Raider (timed yes)
Fable Legends (not super exciting)
Quantum Break (Remedy)
Scalebound (platinum games)
Sea of Thieves (Rare)
Crackdown 3
Gears 4
Phantom Dust (hopefully?)
KI Season 3
Possibly Horizon 3

It's a mad mad lineup, which is needed for ms because the PS4 one is wicked too.

Very exciting times for Xbox fans and you add things like the elite controller and the new ui revamp and I'm very happy.

Don't even mention third party to titles....I'll be struggling with all the above!

otherZinc1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )


I agree completely!

It's a great thing to have your #1 games releasing the same holiday season. After all, Halo gave birth to the XBOX Brand, without Halo, there is no XBOX. Forza Motorsport has redefined Racing. Gears defined 3rd person shooters and giving Gears 1, 2, 3, & Judgment FREE if you play Gears Ultimate! Fable & Tomb Raider are self explanatory.

So yeah, this is the reason most of us bought XBOXes.

This is without a doubt, the best lineup in history. Also, throw in COD, Destiny, Madden, Assassin's Creed, MGSV, NBA2K, Fallout 4, & the rest of the Multiplats. XBOX ONE has a fantastic lineup of AAA Games for 2015.

Also, this is better than 2016 because Halo 5 is the #1 Exclusive, period!

The downfall is the biased media downplaying the Greatness of Forza Motorsport 6.

4Sh0w1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Nothing wrong with known IP's, while new IP's are always welcome they do NOT = better just because they are new. I mean Watch Dogs was a new IP, Id still take a known IP like Witchter over it anyday. Its funny because the new IP tag is always thrown around when talking about X1's stellar lineup, yet games like Batman AK, MGS5 etc come out and blow everybody away but no one mentions 'meh I wish Kojima had made a new IP instead.

I want Halo5 more than any new IP at the moment, that doesnt mean Im not excited for the new IPs -I just want a game I know for sure Ill play alot for over a year.

Is this the best Xbox lineup?....I think so, if not lets see a list of a better year???

Perhaps next year will top it too.

sinspirit1133d ago

The reason for the hate of the big titles is because of how far they fell from their prime. The storylines suffered. The gameplay changed too much. And, some don't offer enough content. One of these is nearly a yearly release, Forza, which doesn't add much to the new games until it's been a couple iterations. And, the new Fable is still a spin off of a downhill franchise. So, it's not that everyone thinks these games are going to be bad. But, it's to be expected based on their previous games. Halo 4 was a slap to fans that actually cared for the Halo storyline. After Gears of War 1 the story was so bland, the combat was a lot of the same stuff, but there were good boss moments. After Fable 1 it offered nothing new, bland story, no incentive to decide between good and bad, and Fable 3 was just poor plot and more rinse and repeat. They actually released this one on PC only because of the expected fall in sales, because they know there are problems but won't fix it. This new spin off has yet to prove itself. Forza is just obviously being milked almost every year now. Still lost a ton of content from previous titles but they want to release it every year or two for not enough content.

They do have some big new IPs, finally. But, Scalebound has a silly leading character design and his attitude is shallow and not thought out from what was shown. Quantum Break has a good game engine but I'm not sure where it's actually going with it for anything more than just a linear go here and do this because stuff kind of game. I want to know why things are happening and why they are doing what they are doing. Obviously, the logic is out the window with this game because they have no understanding of the concept of time. So, they have a lot to elaborate on.

4Sh0w1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

"The reason for the hate of the big titles is because of how far they fell from their prime. The storylines suffered."

-According to who?...Halo4 had one of the better storylines of the entire series. Forza is a racing game and the timed exclusive RoTR is continuing on from a very well respected reboot storyline. Yeah sure Id agree Fable has been down with the last iteration and spinoffs (great time for a comeback) but that isnt unique to only Microsofts games, not that KZ or inFamous were ever great in regards to story but the latest ps4 iterations were very much lacking compared to past games, talk about light on content inFamous SS city was devoid of life, Driveclub is a pretty shell of a racing game even compared to Forza Horizon2, The Order is a diversion of cinematics & QTE's, even that experiment is over very quickly with nothing left to do....but hey unless you consider them to be "past their prime" fans SHOULD look forward to them rebounding, right???

"And, some don't offer enough content."

-Never ever heard that accusation for any Halo game ever, or Fable, or TR as for Forza I assume you mean F5 a launch title that still debut with more content than Driveclub which came well after launch, plus F5 offered alot of free content cars soon after launch. Also Forza6 has been highly praised in delivering an exceptional racing package of performance and checking metacritic almost every review directly contradicts your "does not offer enough content" analysis plus while you try hard to knock the exceptional work ethic and skill of Turn10 to launch Forza in only 2years it still does not discount that they deliver a superb racer that updates and pushes the bar enough to receive high ratings.
Then consider X1 remasters like MCC, Rare Replay, and Gears offer much more content for price compared to any of the ps4 remasters, complete with online multiplayer.

"They do have some big new IPs, finally."

-This is exactly why I cant tak the naysayers seriously, they've had big new IPs, Ryse, Titanfall, SSO, then small niche IPs like D4, Screamride, great indies too like Ori, others but the point is when those games are talked about prior to launch the same crowd says "'meh those arent heavy hitters, wheres Halo?"

"But, Scalebound..."
"Quantum Break has a good game engine but..."

-bu, bu, lol, so basically long story short you just came here to say you hate everything on. Nah, really? typical, I bet if UC, God of War, & GT was on Xbox you find a reason to hate them too. Truthfully uou just sound jealous of X1s great lineup.

sinspirit1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )


No one is talking about Sony's lineup. We are talking about MS and MS's line up has been suffering since midway through the 360's life. Halo 4 doesn't have even an alright story. It's as bad as Crysis' storyline and it threw in a ton of stupid cliche sci-fi and military drama. Why is someone arguing with the savior of the human race as well as the most experienced in alien warfare? Plot! Why is one of the most advanced AI in existence suddenly freaking out like any poor excuse of a sci-fi film? Plot! Why is there another bigger than every before alien ship and why did the Pillar of Autumn physically grow in size? Because, it's cool to do unecessary things to cater to people that just want to see things go boom and fill up their big screen.

No. I gave valid points for why Scalebound and Quantum Break still can't be taken seriously from what has been seen. You enjoy Halo 4's story because it's Halo? Or, do you want to elaborate on this single game pulling out cliche after cliche, bigger than ever before Michael Bay stunts, and single handedly destroying the important of Master Chief being the last Spartan available to save human kind and making the Spartan project something anyone can stroll on into so under everyones nose while the aliens happen to visit Master Chief's location to wake him up only to not completely obliterate the ship to rid of him, instead they are there as an excuse. The new trailer was so mind numbing and makes it look more like Titanfall than Halo. They were freefalling with extremely heavy gear and took no initiative to actually slow down to land on a terrible terrain to think about landing on it. But, nahh they are going to land all willy nilly like flower pedals and proceed to smack a rock for that action-y effect and then attack random enemies disorganized like an ant pile under fire.

Yeah. If you're going to compliment H4's story and proceed to list Ryse and Screamride as good games then I can't agree with anything you say. Ryse was short as heck and had so little content and variety. It was rushed for launch. That is all. And, you're listing games on PC as well. I don't like Call of Duty. And, I found Titanfall's boosters terrible. Can't control leap distance off a wall when wall running and what not. The AI is terrible, and I understand that it's not supposed to kick every humans arse, but, they are still so stupid it hurts. I will stick to Tribes Ascend and CS:GO for shooters. The mechs I found stupid. Decent designs but the actual gameplay with them was meh. I wanted to feel like I was using a mech. Not just a larger version of myself with rockets. Where's the mobility, energy weapons, etcetera?

And, yes they have had bigger remakes. But, while they released and worked on these big remakes their competition did release new IP's along with their own remakes. And, to clarify again. Yes, they did have bigger remakes in terms of how many games came in one package for a remake collection.

Forza has basically been a rerelease with a few updates for years. Of course, it will get good reviews. It's a good game. But, it's not actually making a substantial difference. Forza 5 was a complete let down and offered so little compared to Forza 4, and honestly didn't really look much better. Mainly only the higher resolution made it look superior but it was another rushed launch title. Forza 6 will be was 5 should have been.

4Sh0w1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

"Halo 4 doesn't have even an alright story."

-Again according to who? YOU...well go to xbox Halo forums MOST Halo fans praise the story, then the reviews almost unanimously liked the story:

"343 Industries have done a remarkable job at continuing the Halo legacy. They've gone all out, creating a fantastic sequel that brought forth a major focus on storytelling" -Destructoid

"After soaking in the new game, I am beyond thrilled to be so in love with Halo again, more than I’ve been since Halo 2. Halo 4 is a masterstroke everyone can and should celebrate"
"This is THE best Halo game yet"
-Console Monster

"The narrative that is put forth is simply amazing as it provides a new beginning with the Reclaimer Saga and the addition of the new Spartan Ops mode is simply brilliant as it adds even more story to an already great tale." -Canadian Online Gamers

"Halo 4 had the potential to be one of the best games of all time. The graphics are amazing and full of details, the soundtrack is outstanding and the story is epic and breathtaking till the last minute" -GamingXP

-I could go on and on but you get the point...its only your opinion Halo4 story was bad, MOST dont agree with you, Iam as big a Halo fan as any and I dont agree with you and basically this is the pattern of your entire post "'meh I dont like it so the professional review consensus and all the millions of Halo fans who loved Halo4s story are wrong...Same goes for all the other X1 games." -Sorry I think its you jealous biased thats clouding your judgement.

Ashunderfire861132d ago

Until Dawn is a new ip and from a new developer.

sinspirit1132d ago


Oh, cool! You specifically found other people with the same opinion as you! It doesn't matter what those people think. The story was terrible. They focused a lot on story, yes. But, the story that was shown was nothing but average. So inadequate. It was to cater to unimaginative fans, more specifically new fans. If you think you are a "true" Halo fan and find the story remotely good then you are not a "true" fan of the story. You are a fan of the multiplayer, which isn't a bad thing that is the main aspect of the series. I'm not going to argue multiplayer as that is more subjective. I can however help explain what parts of a storyline make zero sense and how terrible it is written for the sake of just dishing something out there.

He explains it quite well. You think just throwing in OP enemies out of dust, "ancient enemies", etcetera is a good storyline? This worked for Mass Effect because they simply were the target of all life eradication. But, for Halo to suddenly have an "ancient" enemy specifically to humans which obviously only came into existence for "plot" and for all the past achievements of the Halo games to be thrown out of the window is just stupid. What is wrong with you? Like I said. If you're looking for giant ships to fill up your big screen and to see things go boom then this is not an argument. This Halo had a decent reviewer scorer, which so many people have explained thoroughly why this games story is garbage. The user reviews on metacritic have this game as a 7/10. Meaning, it's an okay buy. It has a lot of work put into it. But, the story is an inexcusable mess. To keep on labeling yourself as a "true" Halo fan and trying to argue about this one having a good story is just silly. If you like the online then good for you. The story is something entirely different. You need to explain to me why it's good. Not just post positive reviews from reviewers that normally give reviews dependent on game sales. The user reviews are far more fair and realistic.

4Sh0w1131d ago (Edited 1131d ago )

"Oh, cool! You specifically found other people with the same opinion as you! It doesn't matter what those people think."

-lmfao, you mean the almost unanimous reviews that were ver positive about Halo4's story? Plus Halo fans in forums are MOSTLY positive about Halo4's story. ---Oh wait but you provided no direct links stating Halo4 story was anywhere near as bad as YOU say but lets just take your word ONLY as gospel= you FAILED hard on your whole analysis of Halo4.

Then you desperately tried to use metacritic user reviews as validation, pfft everybody and their brother knows online user reviews dont carry any creditability because ANYBODY both PRO-Halo fanboys & especially ANTI-Xbox and Halo haters will abuse the user review system with pure bias= its OK not to like Halo but obviously totally biased opinions arent helpful in determining the actual merits of a game. You must be really new to gaming or really naive or full of BS to even suggest that. lol, seriously bro I gave you the reviews, only to support my position and you couldnt contradict anything except state personal bias.

I mean even your link to the ign user blog is just one guy asking questions which every popular game there are folks with questions, I could ask why this, why that for any games storyline doesnt change the fact that IGN and most site scroe the game highly and generally the campaign story is considered one of Halos best stories. If you want deeper answers to your questions go to 343's site and Halo4 story is explained, whether you like those answers is irrevelant.

sinspirit1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )


I don't think you know how an argument works.It's not about pretending and making up excuses. He specifically started flaws throughout the H4. Huge flaws and terrible cliche writing. I can say the same thing. "Those reviews from journalists are biased because the game is so big and iconic!". But I'm not ignorant. The average review is more accurate whether there are fake reviews or not. There are so many reviews to average together. Shocking news. Every game has fake 0/10 reviews and fake 10/10 reviews. It's not just Halo so your point is invalid.

You aren't acknowledging the reasons and spoken truths. You're just ignoring this games messiness.

The blog I posted states points in the form of questions. It's called making a point. H4's story is terrible. You can't explain why it isn't. I can explain why it is. Questions aren't valid argument? Really? So, to seek answers for a hugely flawed, inconsistent, and unimaginative game he can't ask questions and just has to choke down the messy story that pulls out every cliche and desperation for a source of drama? Oh. Sorry! 10/10 game of every year. I guess every terrible story ever is actually great because the questions they make us ask and the events that betray earlier events in the story are no longer relevant because we are bound to find something to question. These aren't small inaccuracies like Reach had with the book throughout. These are things right in your face as you play what should be the most highly regarded soldier of all mankind. Instead it feels like a high school musical without the music.

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-Foxtrot1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

" your holiday line-up "

Isn't that the problem, "Holiday Line up", they think it's the only few months that matter.

They could have easily spread them out, especially when you have Tomb Raider so close to Fallout 4

Septic1133d ago

At least next year things are more spread out.

gangsta_red1133d ago

Why spread them out? Especially when the holidays are prime time when people buy products.

Don't you think this is why a lot of other company's are also dropping their biggest games during the holidays.

Holidays do matter when you are considering Joe Consumer and when they do their most shopping.

-Foxtrot1133d ago


Because more people will buy them

Not everyone has a shit load of money so they can buy one game after another.

Like I said above for example if people have the choice between Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider they are most likely going to go with Fallout. By the time they have saved up enough money they might decide to get something else since time has passed, like Just Cause 3 or another game they've missed.

Some games might end up on the back burner so it's not going to hurt to spread them out a little. Gamers don't just buy games in the Holiday window they buy them whenever

gangsta_red1133d ago


So are these games going somewhere after the holidays?

They'll still be available for purchase way after the holidays until the end of time. So I am not sure why spreading them out makes a difference.

"if people have the choice between Fallout 4 and Tomb Raider they are most likely going to go with Fallout."

Or they might go for Tomb Raider and put Fallout 4 on the back burner. You are stating hypothetical situations and making them facts.

"like Just Cause 3 or another game they've missed."

Or they can get the Tomb Raider game that they missed. I don't understand why you continue to not only downplay how big a TR game is but always use TR as a game that no one wants over other games coming out this holiday.

"Gamers don't just buy games in the Holiday window they buy them whenever."

Yes they do and they always have. So what difference does it make if they can also buy games during the holiday, after the holiday and further down the line.

And you also forgot about Joe Consumer that do buy more games during the holidays for themselves and their families.

Rookie_Monster1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Foxtrot, MS already released Rare Replay and Gears Ultimate last month...and both debuted #1 on the UK chart and no doubt both will be on the US NPD chart as well. LAST time I'd checked August is outside of the Holiday. And Quantum Break, KI season 3, and Recore are Spring releases next year.

Also, have you ever considered maybe Tomb Raider, Halo5, and Forza 6 were still in development during the first half of 2015; thus, they are not ready to be released? I am sure Sony said the same thing regarding Uncharted 4 and the Ratchet remake for moving them to the Spring of next year because those games were originally scheduled to be released this Holiday as well but were moved because of development is delayed.

You are here again posting another negative assessment on a positive xbox article. Why am I not surprised?

Death1133d ago

Who is more wrong, fans that think the Holidays are 6 months long or Microsoft releasing most of their games the last half of the year?

-Foxtrot1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )



You make it seem I'm doing it on purpose, like I come here for that reason when really it's just you guys being paranoid to hell.

I hardly comment on these types of articles (of any company) because it's usually the same shit. Look through my history and you'll see the last Microsoft article might of been a few days ago but considering how many other articles I post in, of all types, it doesn't mean shit. I just like posting

No offence but you say that yet people can say exactly the same to you....

Here you another Microsoft article...praising the shit out of them, sticking up for them and getting your panties in a bunch when you think you see just a speck of something you think is pure "hatred"

Chill your bean man

Rookie_Monster1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )


LOL, All I am doing here is correcting your mistakes. You said "Isn't that the problem, "Holiday Line up", they think it's the only few months that matter."

Well, I gave you two examples with Rare Replay and Gears Ultimate that are outside the Holidays window and also provided examples that MS do releases games in the 1st 1/2 halve of the year with QB, KI season 3, and Recore.

I think you are the one that needs to chill your bean with the constant false assessments of what is really going on. Smh

KiwiViper851133d ago

Yep, can we fanally admit that Xbox One went through a bit of a dry spell, but that is now well and truly over.

Nothing but big hitters coming steady from now until next holiday, and I doubt it will stop there.

freshslicepizza1133d ago

forza 6 is coming out shortly, why not start there? or did you just come here to tell us that having all these big games at once is a problem even though if they did spread them over a course of a year you still won't buy them? which is it?

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spicelicka1133d ago

I don't think they mean this holiday though, why is that automatically assumed?

Look at the announcements and reveals from now to the end of next year. It really is the Greatest lineup of games xbox has had in that span.

Forza 6, Tomb raider, Halo 5, Recore, Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, Scalebound, Halo Wars, Gears 4, Sea of Thieves, all HUGE AAA games. The only thing that comes close is 2007.

3-4-51133d ago

2016 will be better for everyone but the end of 2015 is shaping up nicely.

Automatic791133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

The lineup is incredible if you factor in Racers Forza Motorsport 6, Need for speed amazing already, shooters, Halo 5, Destiny, Call of Duty, Fallout 4, Battlefront, Rainbow Six Xbox One is the system you want. If you factor in 3rd person Action Gears of War, Fable Legends Gigantic, TombRaider, Mad Max, Metal Gear 5, Assassins Creed and Just Cause Xbox One is giving you an incredible gaming platform. You factor family fun Rare Replay, Disney Infinity, Lego Dimensions and Just Dance Xbox One is giving you an incredible value there. If you factor Fighting games KillerInstinct Season 2 and Tranformers devastation there is no system to offer the amount of titles this holiday season then Xbox One, Plus add over 150 Indies this winter with exclusives like Below, Cobalt, Elite Dangerous and Castle Crashers Remastered Xbox One has an incredible gaming platform. I know gamers keep doubting the Greatest Game Lineup Xbox hypes up but there is no denying those titles complement the overall lineup which is why in my opinion Greatest Game lineup in History is not far from truth. Having more to choose from is great I dont care what the naysayers say.

bryank751132d ago

It may well be the best lineup in Xbox history but that isn't saying much. With a remake, 2 very stale franchises and an IP that was paid to keep it away from another console where it sells far better.

The games are nothing really... there is nothing to beat Bloodborne, MGSV, The Witcher or Arkham Knight. If you want new IP's or niche games you have Until Dawn, Tearaway unfolded, Tomorrow children and Persona 5.

TBH I have no idea what drug the games media are on with all the Xbox hype... I can only assume they are afraid to lose those MS dollars. Theyve shown they cant be trusted in any case.

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Bobafret1133d ago

Whatever happened to Leap Experience Pioneers, does that studio still exist?

oSHINSAo1133d ago

i was hoping to hear something about them at e3, but, well we didn't, so let´s hope they are working on a big surprise

synistatha11133d ago

Looks like the same old tired lineup they have every year to me besides tombraider

OllieBoy1133d ago

Pretty much. Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable...zzzz

Next year looks a lot better with Quantum Break and Scalebound.

synistatha11133d ago

Quantum break and scalebound does look interesting but there isn't anything else that makes me want a xbone and I'm not buying a 3 hundred and some change system for 2 games.

1133d ago
synistatha11133d ago

@User1049 I could have sworn there was a halo and forza last year but that must have been my imagination, and u honestly used mlb the show in your argument lmao it's a sports game of course it's going to come out yearly.The rest of your post doesn't make any sense so I'm not even gonna acknowledge it.

Lennoxb631133d ago

Why stop making Halo, Gears, or Forza when they have no competition. I don't include Fable because Fable has plenty of competition. But the other 3 games are at the top of that genre.

There is no competitive 3rd person or 1st person shooter that can compare to Halo or Gears. And no sim racer that's topping Forza. So you're basically saying they stop making high quality games.

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KiwiViper851133d ago

You can't see that all the same old tired franchises have had new life injected into them?

WellyUK1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

And? They are the biggest XBOX games... That's why they are saying this. Halo is still a system seller and a powerhouse, Forza is consistently good, as is Gears. They aren't new or anything but you can't say they are not big games.

If PS was releasing Uncharted, Killzone, Infamous, GT, Socom and Resistance in one year they would be bigging up their line up as well.

I don't even own an Xbox One but I can see exactly why they are saying it's their greatest line up... The 4 BIGGEST Xbox exclusives in 1 year is pretty damn good for Xbox users + They have all the Third party games as well.

Antifan1132d ago

Yeah, but isn't Fable Legends Free to play and on PC? I really wouldn't count that in the AAA lineup.
Plus, BO3, SW:BF,will bite into the sells of Halo. See more people talking about Star Wars and BO3 more than Halo.

KiwiViper851130d ago

Maybe you hang out in different forums, but halo is definately the most anticipated. Wasnt there an article saying it was #1 pre ordered game? Thats huge considering its exclusive

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Rimeskeem1133d ago

Next year seems to be better than this year IMO. Halo is of course a get for most Xbox gamers. Next year is when the bigger stuff comes.

AquarianKing1133d ago

What's bigger than Halo for Microsoft though?

Rimeskeem1132d ago

Gears, Crackdown, Recore, Scalebound, personally i want more new IPs

DragonDDark1133d ago

It's just a marketing tactic.

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