Open world games like Mad Max are becoming the bloated fast food menus of this industry

The implicit promise of a sandbox game is of endless and varied adventure but ultimately, players perform the same tasks, not just in one particular franchise of sandbox games but in all of them. They destroy enemy camps, ollect items, fight bosses and build upgrades, and it's all framed in the cold, numerical sense as progression.

What players do in sandbox games, essentially, is eat the world. Picking it clean of places and activities and people, growing fat off experience points and gameplay benefits in the process. What they're eating is fast food – it's always the same.

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SCW19821139d ago

Couldn't agree more. Open world games are the FPS of this generation and that sucks. That's why Witcher 3 was so refreshing and awesome to play. Ubisoft is the worst offender with their copy and paste design from one series to the next.

rdgneoz31139d ago

"That's why Witcher 3 was so refreshing and awesome to play."

Witcher 3 was open world, it just had a 3 big open areas and the Kaer Morhen...

When done right, an open world can be amazing and make you lose track of time as you have fun exploring.

DarkOcelet1139d ago

When any game of any genre done right, It can be excellent.

Witcher 3... Excellent Open World
The Last Of Us... Excellent linear TPS
Bioshock.. Excellent linear FPS

If the devs are doing their best and passionate about their work and not just doing it annually or just blatant cash grabs like many movie licensed games for the profits then they will be amazing.

sullynathan1139d ago

The Witcher 3 is an open world rpg. All the things that it gets praised for is what rpg's do. If people want more of these things, play more rpg's and not action open world games.

Roccetarius1139d ago

Witcher 3 was suffering from this problem as well, so i wouldn't let that one off the hook.

windmill1451139d ago

Well in Mad Max defense the developers Avalanche Studios are known to make these type of open world games since 2006 with the original Just Cause, before the genre started to get saturated.

equal_youth1139d ago

I wouldn't say that there are too many open world games. Mad Max is just not on the same level as other AAA open world games. Only searching for scrap and driving from a to b can get pretty monotone in a few hours. If they would have put a little bit more creativity in this game it maybe had the depth in gameplay it deserves.
I dont say Mad Max is a bad game. Its solid and its good but its just not on the same level as the Witcher, GTA, MGS not even with asscreed.
I should correct that last sentence. Its better than most asscreed games.

shloobmm31139d ago

You're right its actually better than a lot of them and bigger. Since it never ends and all.

shloobmm31139d ago

Terrible articles like this are becoming the bloated fast food menus of the journalism industry.

_-EDMIX-_1139d ago

or...or maybe this gen we have Bluray in both systems and 100% hdds in all skus.

Its not as if developers had no clue what open world was, they merely couldn't afford to do it on 1 DVD, then pay royalties for an extra 1, 2 or even 3 other DVDs.

Only the biggest publishers could do that ie Square, Konami, Take Two, EA etc.

as to why many didn't do many games that way, only those that could afford to did and most created games around DVD once again vs seeking to make larger gamers.

Consider the same format was maxed out the gen prior for a few titles ie PS2's gen.

jb2271139d ago

It has little to do with disc size (GTA was on plain old DVDs), it was mainly ever about ram space, and even then that still doesn't account for the monotony of many of these titles. How detrimental are short loading screens to an experience that I should prefer dropping hundreds of hours into the same boring world that never changes? If I wanted to do that, why don't I just drive around my city block a few dozen times? It's the same handful of fetch quests over & over ad nauseum, which sounds like a regular day in the life of a delivery man. Story is an afterthought that is shoehorned in through some talking head. All a dev has to do is come up with a cityscape that looks exactly like the one outside their window, or a fantasy realm that looks exactly like what they saw in Lord of the Rings, or a desert wasteland that looks exactly like a bunch of sand would look. There's no creativity or variety or storytelling potential to be had, just some fairly solid gameplay mechanics & an open area. Where open worlds were once interesting & new, they've now given way to feeling boring & repetitive. I could honestly count on one hand the amount of truly memorable experiences I've had with open world games, meanwhile they make up the lions share of everything released on consoles this year...urban open worlds, fantasy open worlds, car combat open worlds, stealth open worlds, superhero open worlds, zombie open worlds, first person open worlds, third person open worlds, stealth open worlds, racing open worlds, walking open worlds....they ultimately never change, their art directors only have to illustrate a few tufts of grass, a wireframe topography, and voila, game environment completed.

There's little in the way of artistic achievement in open worlds because there is no variety. As a musician when I play a set I can jam on the same 4 chords for a full hour or I can play a dozen totally different songs and chord progressions...what makes for a better show? Whereas open worlds were once new & intriguing, they've become stale & monotonous for my tastes. I don't begrudge people that enjoy them, but for my tastes, grinding my characters to achieve some intangible level that ultimately doesn't change my experience in the slightest is just old and pointless to me these days. I don't have the time to waste on your jam bands, give me quick & dirty punk rock.

_-EDMIX-_1139d ago

GTAV was also on an extra disk and a mandatory install... Also 360 didn't have the entire install base all with HDDs.

"It has little to do with disc size (GTA was on plain old DVDs"

SolidGear31139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

I agree with you completely. Pretty much why I never enjoyed GTA. Only a handful I've enjoyed as well such as Fallout, Red Dead Redemption and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

jb2271138d ago


I'm with you on GTA, they can be fun for a period of time for me but completing the campaigns are typically a forgettable chore

Red Dead was by far one of the best I'd ever played. I like the Arkham games too because there's a narrative thrust there that makes me want to complete everything but a lot of that may also be down to my love of the old Batman books. My cousin swears by Fallout & Dragon Age too so now that I've heard your recommendation I will have to try those out as well. I think it can be done right it just so rarely is. Bubble up for the recommendations, I look forward to checking out Fallout 3 & New Vegas ahead of FO4 now.

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