PlayStation Store Sale Highlights – September 1-8 2015

With Sony discounting an array of titles to commemorate the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, PSLS selects the greatest deals on PlayStation Store for the week of September 8th.

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thepatientgamer1133d ago

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen—Is it worth it?

frostypants1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

The problem is some of these deals just aren't THAT great. The Dark Souls 2 price is just slightly less than the actual market cost of the physical game. They list the normal price as $59, but nobody charges that. Ditto for Diablo 3.

Brugal1133d ago

Keep in mind that if you're a ps plus member the price is less than what the sale price is. I just picked up mgs3 and peace walkers for 10.50.

Army_of_Darkness1133d ago

For an anniversary sale it's kinda underwhelming... Prices should be cheaper than this, not to mention some better or newer games would be nice.