How Has Destiny Managed to Stay Relevant For an Entire Year?

Destiny has managed to be one of the biggest games out there for a solid 12 months. Just how did they manage to do it?

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Hoffmann1160d ago

Thanks to a giant marketing budget?

GigawattConduit1160d ago

Shooting ads into your eyes every other hour certainly helps, yes.

Hoffmann1160d ago

I dunno, around 500 articles on every big gaming site might have to do with the big budget as well. More or less directly..

thekhurg1160d ago

The fact it's a good and fun game helps a lot. If it sucked as much as the media and internet forum gamers claimed, it wouldn't be talked about this far after release.

RedDevils1159d ago

And it's still doesn't convince me enough into buying that crap again lol :)

Timesplitter141160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

From the moment it launched, Destiny's hype train has always seemed to be on artificial life support (aka marketing) and none of it was actual legit virality / community interest.

It hasn't stayed relevant for a year. It never really felt like it was relevant after its launch. We just kept seeing ads for it but nobody cared for the game

n4rc1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

you may not care for it.. but the millions playing it do.. how the hell can you say there has been no community interest? if people didnt care, they wouldnt be publishing articles about it on a daily basis..

unless you think activision is paying every website under the sun to do it... ;)

Timesplitter141160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

People are ants, n4rc. ANTS

Article writers know Destiny means lots of clicks, just like Justin Bieber means lots of clicks. Do people like Justin Bieber? The answer is no.

Destiny is Justin Bieber and my logic is flawless

kbozz711160d ago

If it wasn't still relevant, you wouldn't see all these articles about it. Nobody cared for this game? Wow, you Destiny haters must lose sleep over how everyone else still enjoys the game.

GigawattConduit1160d ago

"It hasn't stayed relevant for a year"

And yet here it is, still being talked about a year after its release thanks to community reactions, the expansions, and some admittedly sketchy stuff going on on the corporate level

Neonridr1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

I am one of those people who had basically been playing non-stop since launch. I grew tired around June once I knew that Taken King wasn't coming until September. I actually stopped playing entirely for like 3 weeks in July.. starting playing some other games in my library to clear out the backlog. The game had become ridiculously repetitive. I have all the exotics, all the gear, everything completed... I had no drive to go back. You can only do the Vault and Crota so many times before it really starts to lose its lustre.

That being said, I got back on a few days ago. Primarily because I needed to finish up some PvP matches to get credit for my Moments of Truth. I actually had a bit of fun in PvP only because I don't normally play that game type. I did a couple of the raids again, they were ok.

TTK has me interested though, there is some good content there. The real question is, how long after TTK will everything get stale again?

If I am bored again after a month, I am done with Destiny forever.

KwietStorm1160d ago

lol tell that to the people actually playing the game, instead of proclaiming nobody plays it on the internet.

Spotie1160d ago

You're logic is broken from the start if you think there aren't people who like the Biebs. It might not be something that'll become classic, but plenty enjoy it nonetheless.

n4rc1160d ago

It generates clicks by people that want to read it..

Its like saying Justin biebrr sells 30m CDs but nobody likes him.. Are you kidding me? Lol..

I don't care for him.. But those 30m teenage girls sure do and i m not going to pretend they don't exist or count

Timesplitter141160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

but the ant-people don't matter.

MysticStrummer1160d ago

"It hasn't stayed relevant for a year. It never really felt like it was relevant after its launch. We just kept seeing ads for it but nobody cared for the game"

Nobody cared for it yet many many (many) people still play it… and you think this is because of marketing…?

Ridiculous. Ants have more sense.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1160d ago

I play it here and there. I have friends on PSN who play nothing but Destiny. I also know several people at work who play it on X1, like it's their religion, like it's the only thing available lol.

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JWiLL5521159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I'm not sure why you're pretending to know what you're talking about.

Destiny has one of the most active communities in gaming. It's reddit subpage just hit 200,000 subscribers. When the weapon Gjallarhorn was sold a few weeks back it was one of the top trends on Twitter. It was still getting 3 million players a day 6 months after release.

I'm not sure why it's so far for people to accept that it's not "terrible". The initial launch definitely wasn't a "great" game and the in game story sucked, but it's improving. The 2.0 patch was a great step forward.

Bungie aren't suddenly some evil entity because they teamed with Activision. They still make really fun FPS gameplay.

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S2Killinit1160d ago

Having been playing it for a whole year, i would say high production value and gameplay are the culprits.

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mayberry1160d ago

@S2Killinit^^ I think you absolutely nailed it with your comment! After watching my son play the (free to play) game "Warframe", and seeing the obvious simularities between it and Destiny, I feel Warframes content is vastly more robust and only suffers from a lower 'production value and gameplay(mechanics) compared to Destinys higher budget. You can raise a fighting dog(kubro) from an egg in your incubator on your ship whilst 3D printing the latest rifle with your printer whilst planning your next pvp invasion for petes sake! It's a great game that I wish, after paying $100 for Destiny, had Bungies budget!

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Christopher1160d ago

Haven't seen a single Destiny ad. It stayed relevant because regardless of its crappy story and RNG-reliance, it's a great shooter and it added new content regularly. It also allows people to either play PvE with friends or PvP, rather than just one thing.

Hoffmann1160d ago

Just turn off ad-block and you might still see them from time to time

wsoutlaw871160d ago

1 carrot dangling. 2 Getting people on the hook for over priced dlc with promises to make the game everything it should have been.
The gameplay is great, but the game and the way activision handles it is terrible.

iTechHeads1159d ago

Or some people like the game. That's more likely.
No amount of money can make people keep playing a game.

TheBurger291159d ago

Well shitty games somehow manage to find a crowd, look at CoD.

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Neonridr1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

dribbling out small bits of content a few months at a time, just to keep us all hooked.

SmokingMonkey1160d ago

"C'mon know first one's always free"

I loved reading people's posts about their endearing search for the Gjallarhorn.

GigawattConduit1160d ago

There's gonna be a fan film about getting Gjallarhorn one day, I can feel it in my bones.

SmokingMonkey1160d ago

I see what you did there...

..."Good eye Hank!"

Neonridr1160d ago

well that search officially ended a few weeks ago when Xur sold it to the masses. Besides, now that 2.0 is available, it already has been lessened, and once TTK drops, Gjallarhorn becomes obsolete I guess.. No Year 2 version of that rocket launcher, so it won't do anywhere near as much damage as newer ones.

Dabigsiebowski1160d ago (Edited 1160d ago )

I seriously laugh at anyone who supports the kind of DLC bungie has pulled with Destiny. Sad though that it makes publishers think they can get away with it. Fools fools fools on a consumer and corporate level.

And to the people that write articles about how crappy the game is..millions of us knew how crappy and scarce on content the game is after 3 days of owning it. If you are still writing articles about it a year later then i'd just assume its part of the problem as well!

SirBradders1160d ago

Get away with keeping a gane fresh every few months is the same as a sub to an mmo if not cheaper as you can but TTK and get all previous installments aswell. IMO I'd rather a game last year's that's enjoyable. Have a break and you still get all previous content. I think it's fairly priced.

wsoutlaw871159d ago

@sirB that didnt make a hole lot of sense but i might understand what you are trying to say. Dont try to compare it to an mmo because they went months with out fixing game breaking issues, and had 1/10 of the content that an mmo would have. This last dlc was 20$ and it gave you an area mode and a mp mode. That is a joke. Just look at the stats of people who bought it and the majority havent beat the last boss on the arena because the mode is just tedious and absolutely nothing new. Adding a new mp game mode should be free. Now with ttk coming you would have paid 140$ for a game that is great at overhyping and under delivering. They are great at knowing exactly what the fans want them to say. They say it, but dont do it. Yes 60$ for ttk is fine if you never bought the game, but for those who have already paid 100$ for the game they want ANOTHER 40$ for some reskined strikes and a raid. MMOs dont actively try to screw their current fan base to get new fans.

JWiLL5521159d ago

Destiny has 0 microtransactions to date. ZERO.

That's insanity in today's gaming landscape. The cost of developing and maintaining a game like Destiny isn't cheap. They opted not to go the subscription route and have $20 DLCs instead. That's not a lot of money.

The first DLC was a miss, the second was good, and the expansion looks great from what we've seen.

justy1121160d ago

Drugs and booze that is all

Farmassy1160d ago

ummmm... is it still relevant? I haven't played that game for about 11 months because it just wasn't that great. I was bored of it very quickly and it in no way stood up to expectations. I gave it a chance but was so mediocre.

Seriously, do a lot of people still play this game? Most of what I hear about it in the news is about how the DLC is too little too late and is overpriced for what should have been in the game in the first place.

Its not relevant to me but I'm here talking about it so I don't know anymore

Allsystemgamer1160d ago

Millions still play it so it is relevant. 80% of my friends list is playing destiny all the time

wsoutlaw871159d ago

are all your friends from destiny lol. Mine used to be like that, now 1 out of 20 on at a time are playing it.

Farmassy1159d ago


this has been my experience as well. within a couple months it I noticed that many of my friends were not playing but some still were. then within 6 months most weren't but a few were. now almost no one is. I quit a long time ago