1UP: Final Fantasy Versus XIII New Impressions Preview

They've been recompiling and tweaking the same game footage since Versus was announced more than two years ago at E3, slowly adding new bits of CG with each successive showing. Now that everyone will have access to the game's trailer, they'll actually have to show gamers something new.

Fortunately, there's hope, as the 10 seconds of new footage in the latest cut of the trailer apparently consists of in-game, real-time footage -- which means they actually have a game engine now. The scene in question is extremely brief, and consists simply of the game's sullen main character in a natty black suit (whose real-world counterpart is on display at the event) walking up a grand stairway onto an observation platform looking out over a nighttime cityscape, strongly reminiscent of the Tokyo Skyview in Roppongi. (The trailer does say it's a fantasy based on the real world, after all.) At the top of the stairs is a blond woman who turns to face him and smiles enigmatically.

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NO_PUDding4318d ago

Why write 'smiles enigmatically'?

Is there soemthign more than this blonde woman? What a strange idea to sue that word. It just makes me question more.

Heaven_Or_Hell4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

Can't wait to see the actual in-game footage ...
If someone can catch it :(

I'm still wondering why Square-Enix is hiding these trailers if there are graphically stunning oO

ash_divine4318d ago

that's what I'm wondering aswell.

B-Rein4317d ago

maybe bacouse in can be made better, they are waiting till they get pull grips with the new engine then show us the game play then and at the moment its like beta

Splenda144318d ago

i am surprised that they have game play this game coming 2010 who knows it might come closer then we think

ash_divine4318d ago

that's what I'm hoping for

Liquid Dust4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

I can only hope there might be a 3 to 6 month release gap between 13 and versus next year. Perhaps a june release for 13 and a november release for versus? That sounds like a good release schedule for me. And with kingdom hearts on psp and ds to keep me busy inbetween releases, 2009 is looking fantastic

Im also really looking forward to seeing the in-game engine and seeing the battle system. Square has really come a long way in their fluidity of character motion. Battles on birth by sleep look amazing, hopefully we can see something really exciting

bleachrulez4318d ago

but when does square enix 2nd day event start

silverchode4318d ago

today i think, its the 3rd already in japan i think.

meepmoopmeep4318d ago

i love Tetsuya Nomura's art/character designs!

i love the cold, dark, emo look of Versus! friggin sweet!
me being a big macabre nut would LOVE to see a macabre FF game!

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The story is too old to be commented.